Cable Duct Desilting Trailer Jetter

SKU: dd-trailer-jetter
  • Robust and durable
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Patented 90° + 180° pivoting high pressure hose reel
  • Very stable road holding
  • Low noise level

Rioned’s trailer jetting systems are robust, durable and designed for everyday use. The addition of the RioPulse pulsator makes these units ideal for cable duct desilting jobs, particularly when working on larger jobs where equipment needs to be stored on-site overnight. The powerful MultiJet is the quietest trailer mounted jetting machine in its class thanks to the water-cooled diesel or petrol engine, special exhaust system and enclosed body. The MultiJet has two integrated 400-litre water tanks that are interconnected, along with integrated and lockable tool compartments that provide ample secure storage space for tools and other equipment.

The Rioned MultiJet is available with low-rate finance

Cable Duct Desilting Trailer Jetter

CASE STUDY: Specialist Duct Desilting Equipment

The ongoing programme to update the UK’s telecoms infrastructure has meant repurposing large amounts of the existing telecoms network. This requires that old cable ducts are thoroughly de-silted and cleaned in preparation for new fibre-optic cabling. For two specialist contractors in the UK, the use of equipment reconfigured specifically for the task is proving indispensable.


Duct Desilting Trailer Jetter

Duct Desilting Jetters
disilting trailer jetting machines

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