Low Rate Van + Jetter Finance Solutions


Drainage Equipment Finance Packages

We work with the UK’s leading vehicle and asset finance specialists to offer competitive and flexible drain jetter finance. Our jetter finance packages start from £89 per week.

  • Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase
  • Drive away with a single monthly payment upfront
  • All figures based on 5 year period
  • Finance can be arranged over the phone
  • Best rates guaranteed.
  • Other packages and vehicles available


Stage V Jetting Equipment

Competitive and flexible finance on the 2022 range of emissions-compliant jetters.

UrbanJet Van Pack Jetter

UrbanJet Finance

The lightweight UrbanJet can be installed in most compact 3.5T vans and is ideally suited for work in domestic and light commercial drains and sewers up to 300 mm. 

Jetter Performance Price Per Month* Price Per Week*
UrbanJet Diesel 3000psi @ 10gpm £393 £91
UrbanJet Petrol 3000psi @ 12gpm £434 £100
Riomote Standard Standard 7 Channel £66 £16


CityJet Diesel Van Pack Jetter

CityJet Diesel Finance

The CityJet is our flagship product with many thousands of users worldwide. The all-new Stage V compliant diesel offers the performance our customers know and trust.

Jetter Performance Price Per Month* Price Per Week*
CityJet Diesel 3600psi @ 13gpm £620 £143
CityJet Diesel 4000psi @ 12gpm £668 £154
CityJet Diesel 3000psi @ 16gpm £638 £148
Riomote Premium Premium Remote £78 £18


eCityJet Van Pack Jetter

eCityJet Finance

Rioned developed the world’s first fully electric sewer cleaning machine for pipes with a diameter of up to 350mm. 

Jetter Performance Price Per Month* Price Per Week*
eCityJet 3000psi @ 13gpm All-electric drive Zero emissions £1102 £254


MultiJet Diesel Van Pack Jetter

MultiJet Diesel Finance

The MultiJet utilises our latest jetting technology to offer powerful cleaning performance, superior road handling and quiet operation via a water-cooled diesel or petrol engine.

Jetter Performance Price Per Month* Price Per Week*
Multijet Diesel 3600psi @ 13gpm £768 £177
Multijet Diesel 3000psi @ 16gpm £794 £184
Riomote Standard Standard 7 Channel £66 £16


MultiJet Petrol Van Pack Jetter

MultiJet Petrol Finance

The powerful MultiJet is the quietest trailer jetter in its class thanks to the water-cooled engine, exhaust system and enclosed body.

Jetter Performance Price Per Month* Price Per Week*
Multijet Petrol 3600psi @ 13gpm £714 £165
Multijet Petrol 3000psi @ 16gpm £755 £175
Riomote Standard Standard 7 Channel £66 £16


RioCom 7.5T Combination Unit

RioCom 7.5T Combination Unit Finance

The 7.5t RioCom jetvac unit is a popular choice with drainage contractors and utility companies because of its manoeuvrability in urban areas with limited access.

Jet/Vac Combi Price Per Month* Price Per Week*
RioCom Jet/Vac | Chassis: Fuso Canter 176HP Euro 6 £2527 £583

For more information about special finance rates and available equipment, please contact Mark Cox on 07595 275870 or email [email protected]

Van + Ancillary Equipment Finance

Comprehensive finance plans available on jetting equipment, vans and wide range of vehicle customisations and ancillary drainage equipment. Plans have been designed to help customers purchase business-critical equipment, with options such as low-start payments, zero deposits and VAT deferred packages.

Jetter + Van 

Jetter Van Price Per Week*
UrbanJet Diesel 3.5t Van From £190.00
UrbanJet Petrol 3.5t Van From £199.00
CityJet Diesel 3.5t Van From £260.00

Our range of vehicles can be supplied including Ford Transit Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive, Ford Transit L2H2, Peugeot Boxer, Mercedes Sprinter.

Ancillary Equipment

Drainage Equipment Price Per Week*
RioFlex 8mm or 10mm £30
RioFlex Mini PVC or Metal £2
MiniJet High-Pressure Portable Jetter  £13


Finance Add-Ons 

Product Price Per Week*
Basic Conversion including ply-lining, racking, inverter and beacon From £14.00
Premium Conversion including spray lining From £21.00
Diesel Night Heater From £6.00
Maxprobe 60m CCTV System From £26.00


Finance is only available to UK businesses that are registered as a limited company. Initial rental and final payment may apply. All prices are correct at time of publication but may change in line with base vehicle pricing and are subject to market conditions and financial status.

*Weekly equivalent.

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