EX-STOCK: FlexCom Jet/Vac Combination Unit

SKU: VO96084

The FlexCom Jet/vac combi has a 3.500 liter tank (2.500 liter waste water / 1.000 liter clean water), mounted on a Fuso Canter chassis. The unit includes roller shutters on the street side and aluminum tool boxes.

It has powerful high-pressure jetting and vacuum pumps, with a HP capacity of 150 bar / 100 lpm, and a suction capacity of 8.200 lpm. Operated by a 13 channel radio remote, the unit includes a hydraulically driven HP ánd suction reel and antifreeze protection system. The colour of the model is white ready for company branding to be applied.

For more information visit the FlexCom Product Page

PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle is left-hand drive

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