The RioCom is now a common sight in the UK’s inner cities. Its compact dimensions, versatility and powerful suction and jetting pumps have made this 7.5t sewer-cleaning combination unit an absolute success with large and small drainage contractors. In the UK, this category of tanker is often referred to as a "single resolution vehicle"; in that it is able to complete both suction and jetting tasks in a single visit. With a tank capacity of 3,000 liters, the RioCom can be used for a wide variety of sewer jobs.  


In the past, much larger combination units were used to clean severely polluted sewers or to empty grease pits and empty flooded cellars. These days, the 7.5t RioCom is able to carry out much of the work done by these larger units, with the advantage that it can be parked in one or two parking spaces, without disturbing other traffic. 

The RioCom is built on a 7.5-ton Mitsubishi Fuso Canter chassis, with a total length of just over 6 meters. Utilising a 9-channel RioMote remote control, the start/stop, gas control and pumps can be easily operated by a single person. Because the unit is PTO driven on a Euro-6 type chassis, the RioCom is also compliant for operation in low emission zones (LEZ).

RioCom in use

The purchase price of the RioCom is considerably lower than a larger jet/vac combination unit, with operational costs (for example, fuel consumption, maintenance, road tax) also dramatically reduced. A C-level driving license is sufficient to operate the unit. 

Despite its compact size, there is ample storage space on the unit to store tools, road markings, camera and protective equipment. The storage cabinets are equipped with lockable roller doors for added security and to protect pedestrians, mopeds and cyclists.

Until recently, the RioCom was built exclusively for the UK market. That has now changed. Due to its great success in this market, Rioned has made the decision to introduce the RioCom, with a left-hand-drive chassis, across the rest of Europe.

The fully equipped jetvac combi includes a powerful high-pressure pump with a maximum working pressure of 200 bar / 72 lpm or 150 bar / 100 lpm, a Jurop vacuum pump with a capacity of no less than 8,200 lpm and a 3000 litre partitioned water tank (2000 ltr waste /1000 ltr clean).The suction reel is equipped with a max. 30 meter hose and the hydraulically operated high pressure reel comes with an 80 meter MaxFlow high pressure hose as standard. Optionally, the RioCom can be supplied with a 100 or even a 120 meter high pressure hose. Due to the low weight of the vehicle, more than 2,500 kg can be carried.


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