The rugged country of Mt. Buller in Victoria, Australia is a beautiful setting for the Flexjet!
Mt. Buller is about 200 kms east of Melbourne. Photo via Callan Hill of SECA.

RIONED has a strong international presence, providing quality technologies and service for customers all over the world. We truly value our partners – like SECA, the Sewer Equipment Company of Australia. SECA is an important part of our International family of partners, helping us to keep óur customers business flowing! This family owned and operated business, in operation since 1967, is Australia’s leading supplier of equipment for the cleaning, testing, inspection and rehabilitation of sewers and drains. Earlier this month we sat down with Callan Hill of SECA to talk about our partnership.

RIONED: As our official RIONED dealer in Australia, why do your customers come to you?
Callan Hill: SECA is Australia’s sewer equipment leader because of our large product range and well informed knowledge of the industry. That, along with providing the most up-to-date and advanced equipment available, brings customers to us!

RIONED: What do you love most about your work?
Callan Hill: Traveling and working with customers all over Australia, visiting places I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. And of course dealing with excellent suppliers across the world!

RIONED: When are your customers most satisfied?
Callan Hill: When orders get done same or next day. With the Head office based in NSW – covering all of Australia – we bank on next day service to most states.

Brand new RIONED CityJet is delivered down under!
Talk about horsepower! As seen on Facebook, a brand new RIONED CityJet is delivered down under! (Thanks for the image to to Callan Hill of SECA)

RIONED: So what makes RIONED stand out from our competition?
Callan Hill: Quality!!!!

RIONED: Love that! Which RIONED machines are you selling most?
Callan Hill: SECA’s most popular machine has been the CityJet; we just delivered three units to the major water authority in Melbourne. The Cityjet’s new e-Control panel is a class above the rest!

RIONED: So what would you say about SECA and RIONED’s partnership and our powerful machines?
Callan Hill: RIONED machines are relatively new in Australia, but our customers love quality products. So SECA and RIONED’s relationship is building each month!

Now that’s what makes a great partnership!

Contact: Callan Hill of Seca Australia - [email protected]