Do you ever wonder why manhole covers have a round shape? Did you know that every person living in the Netherlands uses about 130 liters of water every day? The Facebookpage of Allrioolservice from Hagestein near Vianen in the Netherlands is loaded with these kind of facts about the sewer system. While doing their daily job they also heard some crazy stories. Some time ago a customer told them how time and time again a rat popped up from the toilet bowl. Crazy indeed, because usually a duct goes straight down for about 75 cm. A duct is way to slippery for a rat to climb up in. Inspection showed that the duct was incorrectly installed at an angle of 30 degrees. That’s how the rat was able to climb up easily and emerge via the toilet bowl to knaw on the toilet seat. Can you imagine?

Rat climbs up via the toilet bowl
Source: De Gooi- en Eemlander

Safety first at Allrioolservice

Edwin Imhof is the proud owner of Allrioolservice. “Those round manhole covers are made just for safety reasons. Because of it’s round shape the cover can never drop into a manhole, it simply won’t fit! An example of a simple, smart and safe solution. Sewer work  is challenging, but without substantial know-how it can be dangerous. That’s why safety is a number one priority in our industry and always on top of mind at Allrioolservice. We only work with fully certified mechanics. Our company is  audited on safety annually. I would say that we are optimally equipped to do the job right!"

Allrioolservice offers a complete package

Allrioolservice is a full service company,  that offers everything from sewer inspection, to maintenance, construction and renovation. The company has its own warehouse where materials are kept in stock. By partnering with contractors, electricians and other companies, Allrioolservice can solve a wide array of problems for their clients. Having a knowledgeable staff and a 24/7 breakdown service, Allrioolservice ensures sewage problems are solved swiftly and effectively. Next to their dedicated employees their extensive fleet of sewer machines is the backbone of their business.  


Rioned HD50 De Luxe - Renault Master with integrated CityJet
Rioned HD50 De Luxe - Renault Master with integrated CityJet

Edwin Imhof explains: “For 9 years we have used a Rioned HD50 De Luxe. This versatile machine for high pressure cleaning stands its ground and is handy for jobs that are hard to reach by car. Since early 2015 we also own a brand new CityJet which lives up to its excellent reputation. This modernpressure cleaning machine is build into a Renault Master and is packed with features including the eControl. With the eControl, operation and control of the CityJet is easy and efficient.And these two machines are only a small part of our total fleet. But having a substantial fleet alone is not enough. Machines need well-trained professionals for optimal operation. To give our installers a basic education, we launched a study program in collaboration with Uneto-Vni and some colleagues. In our industry it’s a common mistake for installers to think; "I am able do that," but working on sewers requires very specific knowledge. The program helps to get them up to speed. A positive side effect is that the gained knowledge helps participants appreciate their profession even more. A win-win situation!"