Rioned Supports Big Energy Saving Week

Energy use and its impact on global warming and greenhouse gases is an issue of growing importance. At Rioned, we are working hard to reduce our carbon emissions by introducing innovative products, increasing energy-efficient practices and expanding our use of electric vehicles.

We are proud to have launched a range of energy-efficient and zero-emission solutions for customers, including the eCityJet, the world’s first all-electric jetting machine, and the new eControl Touch management system which offers energy efficiencies and savings through real-time monitoring of fuel and water levels.

With fuel and energy prices set to rise in the UK by 45% to 50% over the coming months, both households and businesses will be left feeling the cost. But don’t just take our word for it this ‘Energy Saving Week’, here are our top tips to help reduce your business’s running costs and energy consumption!


Alongside maximising natural light, installing motion-sensitive lights is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption, with LED bulbs lasting longer and reducing lighting costs by up to 90%.

Unplugging a computer instead of leaving it on standby can save your business £35 a year per machine, with switching office lights off overnight also decreasing your business operating costs.

Heating and Ventilation

To keep your building warm in the winter months, it is important to control your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. With the ideal office working temperature an estimated 22 degrees, this can save your business money on the costs of heaters and additional equipment.

Water Usage

Did you know that if we used a kettle to boil only the water we needed to make one drink, we could save enough electricity to power the UK’s street lights for a month and save a collective £68 million a year?

Especially prominent in the drainage sector, embracing technology and cleaner equipment are some of the best ways to decrease water usage and improve the energy efficiency of your jetting operations.

Rioned’s new eControl Touch sewer machine management system is unique in its offering of real-time readings of pressure, flow, and water usage and is at the forefront of energy-saving technology in the industry.

Electric Vehicles

With Ultra-Low and Low Emission Zones (ULEZ/LEZ) being introduced in a range of cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham, many are making the switch to electric vehicles.

Working alongside our customers, we’re helping to change the way businesses in the drainage sector operate. In the Netherlands, a customer has invested in our eCityJet machine installed in Mercedes eVito Tourer vans to create the world’s first all-electric jetting fleet. The move to a zero-emission fleet is expected to save the firm 100,000 litres of diesel and reduce emissions by 300 tonnes. 


Rioned eCityJet

The world's first all-electric jetting fleet

Rioned's eControl Touch