We’re thinking about some age-old questions…what came first, the chicken or the egg? Are we alone in the universe? Should I buy a new or a refurbished unit from the market leader in drain and sewer cleaning machines!? RIONED knows that there are advantages to both buying new and getting an exceptional refurbished unit. It just depends on your needs. Hey, RIONED is all about choice! We’ve been providing sales of exceptional used machines and equipment for decades, and have a stock available at our factory site in Tilburg. You can even check out some samples of high quality used machines and equipment on our site.

 Refurbished units available
RIONED also has refurbished older units available!

Just like our wide variety of drain and sewer cleaning machines for your business needs, RIONED knows we have a wide variety of customers in our International network, with many different needs. Some businesses may just be starting up and not have enough activity to warrant buying a brand new drain cleaning unit yet. Business owners and managers make smart decisions by weighing costs, frequency of use and business growth plans when considering new vs. refurbished units. Some operators don’t yet need all the flexibility that current RIONED models provides and are looking to match cost with their current business needs.

Our customers know that whichever type of machine they do choose, that RIONED’s customer service will back up their purchase. That’s real peace of mind. From maintenance tips and our simple trouble sheet, RIONED’s team is on your side and ready to assist with information and support. Quality and reliability drive us in the development and production of our products, and it’s the same with our team of shop and field technicians. They’re on hand for service, advice and maintenance for your new or used machine, providing assistance for your business’s success.

Image: The super compact FLEXJET+ trailer from RIONED