Posted on 1 Dec 2015 15:12:31
Danny Brackley, London Trunk sewer inspector, aka "sewer flusher"

We have looked at some of the stories of what goes on down in the sewers under our streets and homes, from working safely in the sewer to the things that get poured down the drains …even love in the sewers! And we’ve also inspected the historic city of London and the Thames River Valley, where nearly 20 billion liters of waste water is flushed down the sewers daily. The sewers may be out of sight but they’re under a huge strain with all the fats and oils that are dumped, causing pipe-blocking Fatbergs. That’s were the famous “sewer flushers” of London swoop in, like Batman, performing 24/7 job to keep the flow going! RIONED admires the Sewer Sweepers who spend their days and nights dealing with these problems!

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Posted on 30 Sep 2015 09:54:15

The Great Stink of London 1858
Image via Watervat.blogspot

Every day, more than 14 million people in London and the Thames River Valley flush down 2.8 billion liters of wastewater through the sewers. To ensure that it all keeps flowing dozens of “sewer flushers” patrol London’s largest sewers, dealing with serious pipe clogs and backups (caused primarily by cooking fats and oil waste). These fats congeal in the sewers, forming a thick layers of crud – we’ve looked at these fabled Fatbergs of London before on the RIONED Blog! The London sewer flushers deal with them every day in these historic sewers, helping keep the city and streets a cleaner and healthier place to live.

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