Riool RIR 24/7 Service from Swalmen/Roermond is a full service-supplier for both companies (B2C) and consumers (B2B). RIR is specialized in working with sewerpipes with sizes from 32 to 250mm, the sizes that can be found in and around homes and buildings. Full service means that you can hire Riool RIR for unblocking, cleaning, inspecting, detecting, repairing and renovation of drains and sewers. And for all these jobs Riool RIR works with the latest innovative equipment!

Service at the highest level / operational excellence

William Huppertz, owner / director of Riool RIR: “We provide service at the highest level. Every single customer is important to us. To fulfill this promise we offer a complete set of services, from sewer maintenance all the way to complete renovation. Our motto: if you have a problem we are available to detect and solve it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This way we assure our customers they never have to deal with a sewer problem for a long time!

We only work with well-trained professionals and the most modern machines. For instance, the FlexJet+, provided by our preferred supplier Rioned, is a powerful pressure cleaner that provides professional cleaning and unclogging of lateral lines and sewers. And per our request, Rioned adjusted our Flexjet+ with several extra’s beyond the standard edition: our machine is equipped by a remote control, extra work lights, and a high pressure hose of 80 meters. Thanks to this excellent machine we can bring our service to the highest level.”

Repairing sewers without chopping and crushing

RIR keeps looking for the best solutions for our customers, solutions that provide the least possible inconvenience while being cost effective and delivering the best results. That’s also what RIR defines as full service!

Let’s take a look at sewer renovation. Cutting, breaking and excavation work is often not necessary to solve your sewer issue. RIR will not break up floors or pipes if it can be avoided. Our modern sewer renovation and repair equipment techniques often make messy jobs a thing of the past. We are experts in sewer relining, where current pipes are rehabilitated by the application of a layer of high impact plastic material on the inner wall of the tube. It is simple and quick. Many damaged and leaky pipes can easily be repaired, extending the lifespan of drains and sewers for decades. The sewer lining technique is applicable for all types of pipes. It has the big advantage of sparing floors, pavements, gardens and public walkways in the process. This keeps roads and residential properties accessible and in use. Relining saves costs, inconvenience, annoyance and energy - and it has far less impact on the environment!

Relining is executed in-house by RIR in the Netherlands with its well trained staff and powerful machines. Relining requires a thorough inspection of the pipe. RIR has effective equipment for that, including the innovative inspection systems of Rioned.

Do you want to learn more about the FlexJet+ or inspections systems of Rioned? Just set up a meeting with the sales department of Rioned! And of course you can also ask William Huppertz of Riool RIR for his experience with our products.