Are you a professional sewer cleaner? Are you working at a municipality, installation company or as a contractor? Are you regularly dealing with clogged up building connections and sewers up to a diameter of 400 mm? Then the compact FlexJet or his powerful brother FlexJet+ might be a suitable sewer cleaning option for you.

FlexJet and FlexJet+

The FlexJet is a compact trailer with a powerful pump intended for professional cleaning and unblocking of drains and sewers. A B driver license suffices to tow this lightweight trailer. The standard FlexJet is suitable for sewers up to a diameter of 300 mm and has a water tank of 400 litres. The alternative, the FlexJet+, is the better pick for diameters up to 400 mm and holds 550 litres of water. The reels of this powerful jetting machine are situated at an ergonomic working height for easy operation. The innovative construction of the water tank ensures a stable roadholding.

The FlexJet is very user-friendly and can be loaded with a wide range of options. For example with a Riomote radio remote control for single man operation, a work light for jobs at night, warning lights for added safety and extra hose lengths to clean larger stretches of pipe. The trailer is very versatile and can be used for different purposes: unblocking- and cleaning jobs but is also suited for surface cleaning with the included spray gun and lance. The popularity of this high pressure cleaner is unprecedented across the world. From North Europe to the land Down under, you will find our FlexJets everywhere!

FlexJet, streamlined design
FlexJet, streamlined design

Special design

Apart from being outstanding from a technical perspective, the design is also unique. The streamlined and innovative design of the FlexJet ensures low air resistance. The result is a decreased fuel consumption when pulling the trailer and solid driving characteristics. In 2011 the FlexJet won the GIO Award (Dutch recognition for Good Industrial Design) for its innovative and functional design. The GIO award is an initiative from the independent foundation DesignLink and is awarded annually during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. This prize is comparable with the German Red Dot Award, an international prize for design and innovation. In 2015 we were the proud winners of a Red Dot award for our eControl.

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