Tasos is ready for some hydro blasting action at LARNACA

Green Moles is a professional company in the sewer industry. They offer services and support for CCTV pipeline inspection, trenchless pipe repair, sewer & storm water-jetting cleaning & unblocking and hydro sandblasting cleaning services. Their goal is to meet the required level of service in the most cost-effective way. We had an interview with Christos Antoniou about the sewer industry and its challenges.

‘’Here at Green Moles, we have developed in our corporate culture what we call the ‘Green Consciousness’s’. We use methods friendly to the environment which require less water to be spoiled in water jetting and no chemicals use. We also try to use less electricity, less paper waste, less traveling and the green philosophy is deeply rooted in our everyday working life.’’

What Christos loves most about his work is the satisfaction when he fixed a problem for the client that they could not sort out themselves. It makes you feel good! ‘’One of our customers recently had a roof drain that was blocked with concrete. He tried several things but it did not solve the problem, then he desperately called us at Green Moles. We used the RioPulse to get through the bends and solved the blockage by blasting it away with the waterforce. The customer was grateful for our help.’’

‘’Our customers are very satisfied with the team and the culture of the company - especially when they look at the impact that our services provide to their lives. We always evaluate our work and we have very high-standards. Our workforce is highly trained acting professionally at all sites’’, Christos tells.

When did you start working with Rioned machines? ‘’In 2014, our company was founded in 2013 and in the next year we started doing business with Rioned. Because Rioned is a company with history and experience in the field, we wanted to associate ourselves with the best out there. Mostly we have contact with your Greece partner Thanassis Bouskos from company Btools.’’

Tasos is using the Riomote controller to control the MultiJet from the roof of a hotel in PaphosThe MultiJet from Nicosia to Paphos
Tasos is using the Riomote controller to control the MultiJet from the roof of a hotel in Paphos

Christos continues, ‘’We are now using the Rioned MultiJet and several hydro-sandblasting accessories. The MultiJet is perfect for us. It has the power of a big jetter truck but in a smaller and more flexible design, so we can minimize fuel costs. We really love the Riomote controller because now the jetting machine can be controlled by only one person.’’

The MultiJet on the road from Nicosia to Paphos
The MultiJet on the road from Nicosia to Paphos

Christos finally shared that they are in love with our Rioned machines and are very satisfied with the cooperation. We are looking forward to keep doing business with Green Moles in the future!