On the right, Jan Pieters, CEO of Rioned


The beginning of the 21st century is a period of great change for Rioned. In the second half of 2001, the former director Ad Smeulders retires and Jan Pieters becomes the new CEO. Under his leadership Rioned seeks out new roads. The market for sewer equipment is vastly changing. Rioned wants to be the most innovative company in that market. To reach and keep that position Rioned focuses on innovation even more. Jan Pieters talks us through the importance of high quality and easy use of sewer equipment.

The CityJet, a real hit

"Since 2002 Rioned put a lot of effort into innovation. We have always been on top of our game, for example, by applying pivoting hose reels, the use of lightweight materials or introduction of hot water systems. We also care about the looks of our machines, equipment can be ‘sexy’ as well! After 2002 we made design just as important as easy use. In 2003, we introduced ProfiJet to the market, a machine with round curves. The tradition till then was angular models only. This innovation launched a whole new approach to product development. In 2006 we made a hit of the new CityJet. This machine has a beautiful design, is compact and excels in user friendliness. That was completely new to the market and our customers appreciate it immensely. We offer innovation, in combination with old familiar solidity. That creates a lot of trust. "

  The CityJet in the year 2016

More market share with good basic equipment

Jan Pieters talks on: "We have a lot of market share in the UK and it is still growing. We also owe that share to our innovative strength too. The British market is very different from the Dutch market. In the UK, the water supply companies are responsible for maintenance of the sewer system too. Traditionally, these companies buy the most advanced sewer cleaning equipment. We have already been preferred supplier of most of the water supply companies for a long time. But there are also private cleaning companies and franchise organisations looking for cheaper  machines with basic functionality. For us that is an interesting market too. This is the reason we took over Andy Guest Jetters in 2003. Through Andy Guest we provide a range of reliable basic machines to private businesses. In this way we have expanded our market share in the UK." 

The UrbanCombi

Specializing in small and medium-sized combi units

"Innovation is not only visible in the design of our skid mounted machines or trailers. We see a growing need for small, compact combination units. We now have five combi concepts, ranging from 3.5 up to 12 tonnes. One of these concepts, the UrbanCombi, already is a big success. With the factory expansion we realise at this time, we can further increase our production capacity of these units. Simultaneously we also shorten their delivery time. This is how we further improve our ability to meet changing demands. And it does not stop here. We are also redesigning our sales and service organization to be able to provide our customers the right services to come with the product.”

Jan Pieters has a lot more to say on Rioned’s growth and ambitions. More stories are to come. Do you want more information about our products and services? Please contact our customer service.