2020 has been a year like no other, with the pandemic having a huge impact on both our private and business lives. Despite everything, we can look back on the past year at Rioned with positivity. In this last blog of the year, we review some of the highlights.

Beautiful combi-units and powerful jetting machines

In 2020 we delighted customers with a range of beautiful combis and compact built-in machines. For example, the Municipality of Zwijndrecht received their third combination unit this year, we supplied three MultiJets to Van der Velden Sewer Management and we welcomed many new customers, including Jan Sobry

Rioned UK has also had a busy year. The RioCom combination unit continued to grow in popularity with sales to contractors and utility companies across the country, including customised versions for specific tasks delivered to MDL Plant, London Drainage Facilities and Scottish Water's Highland region. 

Gemeente Zwijndrecht Combi

Stage V

In previous posts we’ve outlined what stricter emission requirements mean for our industry. Stage V regulations officially entered into law during the past year and we’re proud to say we’ve developed compliant solutions for all drain and sewer cleaning tasks. 

One such solution is the all-electric eCityJet, which was tested in the field for the first time this year by Van der Velden Sewer Management with great results. The eCityJet is a truly future-proof solution with the electric drive reducing exhaust emissions to zero. 

In addition to a machine with electric drive, in November we also introduced the CityJet with Kubota V1505-CR Turbo diesel engine. This 44 HP common-rail engine is Stage V compliant and ideally suited to customers who prefer diesel jetters and use their machines intensively every day. The CityJet is also available with emissions compliant petrol and PTO units.

Van der Velden test eCityJet

Attending VSK Utrecht

Just before the world was turned upside down by the Coronavirus, we participated in February’s VSK exhibition in Utrecht. At our beautiful stand, designed and built by HRK Expo, visitors were able to view and try out our latest products. One of these products was the brand new Victor suitcase spring machine. The new Victor Light and Premium surpass their predecessors with a number of useful functions that make unclogging jobs even easier. For example, the rotation speed of the spring in the Victor Premium is continuously adjustable, which makes this machine even more versatile. The new Victor is now in full testing, but will be officially introduced in the new year.

Rioned VSK Utrecht 2020

As a result of our participation in VSK, we were approached by TV station RTL Z to produce a feature about the eCityJet, our first fully-electric sewer cleaning machine, for the program “Doe maar Duurzaam”. The item was broadcast on television in April and can now be viewed on YouTube.

New products

We’ve been active in the field of product development throughout 2020. In addition to exhibiting the successor to the current Victor and Mini Victor for the first time, in May, we introduced the RioCom tanker in Europe. Until recently, this 7.5t compact combi was built exclusively for the UK market, but due to its great success in that market it was decided to also develop a left-hand drive version for mainland Europe. 

RioCom Europa

In September we introduced the RioFlex and RioFlex Mini, a new, flexible way of sewer cleaning. The high-speed, flexible-shaft machine offers fast and powerful wall-to-wall drain cleaning and is the only machine in its class that comes with a radio remote control and LED display. Using the remote control, the maximum rotation speed and torque can be infinitely adjusted, minimizing the risk of damage and accidents. 

There has been a lot of interest from our customers in this method of working, including Roel Vermeer of Van Vught Sewerage who has extensively tested the RioFlex in the field with very positive results. 


Rioned has been an official dealer of USB nozzles since October. USB is a German manufacturer of high-quality jetting nozzles that use 3D fluid mechanics to deliver exceptional cleaning, clearing and unblocking power whilst using less water. Precision engineered using stainless steel, the nozzles are corrosion-resistant to chemicals, acids and alkalis and other mineral substances. 

Staying connected through online communication

Due to the pandemic, we received less visitors and were also unable to visit customers as we normally would. In order to stay in touch, online communication has played a major role over the year. 

In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, we have also been active on Instagram since April. Here we share all kinds of interesting and new product videos and photos. We also regularly offer a look behind the scenes and share exclusive content via the blog on our website, along with useful usage and maintenance tips, and updates about the company. 

Rioned online communicatie

We created great content this year with Capture Rebels and Inpetto Photographic, creating new product videos and photos of the RioCom, the MiniJet, the RioFlex and the UrbanJet. This has enabled us to give our website and new catalogue a fresh, new look. Currently, the new catalogue is now available in English and Dutch. We are working hard on a French version. This is expected in early 2021.

Looking forward to 2021

As we near the end of a tough year, we’re looking forward to what 2021 will bring. During the year we will celebrate our 65th anniversary, and are well underway with plans to introduce exciting new innovations and various HP machines. We look forward to this anniversary year and hope to meet you in good health.

A huge thank you for your ongoing confidence in our organisation and our products!

We wish you a fantastic holiday season and a great 2021!

Team Rioned