He is the darling of many municipalities. You spot him more and more in urban areas! No wonder, because this powerhouse does many jobs with ease. Yes, we are talking about the MultiJet, the powerful drain cleaning machine by Rioned for heavy-duty jobs!

Powerful and agile drain cleaning machine

There are large sewage pipes underground in each city and it’s surrounding townships. To maintain these sewer pipes you need a powerful machine that can handle a serious water flow. You also need a machine that is easy to transport and can be used in many urban situations, as streets can be quite narrow or have one-way traffic. In these circumstances a large truck is impractical (and also more expensive). Enter the MultiJet, a versatile, easy to transport trailer, which is stable on the road behind any vehicle.

Oil spill cleaning

The MultiJet can also be equipped with an oil spill cleaning system, an appealing option for many municipalities. This system is able to clean oil off the road surface quickly and easily. Oil spills are often caused by an accident or leaking vehicles. The MultiJet system is an inexpensive and effective solution because the alternative solution for cleaning up an oil spill is the fire department, they tend to come with a lot of people and an expensive fire engine. The MultiJet with oil spill cleaning system earns it’s costs back quickly!

MultiJet with oil spill cleaning system for the city of Oisterwijk

And surprisingly, the oil spill cleaning system works with cold water! A special cleanser is added to the water to dissolve the oil, while the spray bar cleans the oil off the road under high pressure. This system can be delivered in a wide selection of pressures, but experience has shown that 150 to 200 bar provides the ideal pressure to clean the road.

MultiJet with demonstration

The MultiJet

The MultiJet is perfect for high pressure cleaning and sewer cleaning when the going gets tough. Sewer pipes with a diameter up to 600mm are cleared with with ease, and with the option for oil spill cleaning the MultiJet is more than a complete package. The patented high pressure hose reel is ergonomically positioned; it’s reel is on a 90 ° + 180 ° swivel, which makes it easy to use. The reel can also be fixed into different working positions for stability. This flexibility makes it possible for the hose to be unrolled in one-way streets - and in the right direction!

Plus the MultiJet motor pump compartment is completely sealed with a bottom plate and fire retardant insulation. This, in combination with a special exhaust system, results in an extremely low noise level for the machine. The MultiJet holds two 400 liter watertanks, one on each side of the machine, constructed to control the water weight transfer if it starts to splash about in the tanks. The center of gravity of the Multijet is extremely low too, ensuring a firm grip on the road.

You can order your own MultiJet in different styles, and you have many options to pick from. If you’d like to learn more about this versatile and hard working unit and all it’s options, do check out our brochure!