Rioned is continuously innovating its machines. One of our latest innovations is a remote jetting hose reel for larger (¾”of 1”) high pressure hoses. The system is compact, versatile and, most importantly, robust. The remote reel is ideal for remote locations that have access restrictions.  Leave your high pressure machine on the road and let the Remote Jetting Hose Reel do the dirty work!

Design and development

The remote reel is developed and built by Andy Guest Jetters Ltd. of Keighley, West Yorkshire in the UK, a renowned supplier of sewer and drain cleaning equipment for over 20 years. Since 2013 Andy Guest Jetters is part of the growing international Rioned family. Their specialised technicians recently completed the tracked Remote Jetting Reel for a customer based in Yorkshire.

Remote Jetting Hose Reel

Ease of use of the Remote Jetting Reel

The ease-of-use of this handy reel is outstanding: move the reel over fields, bumpy terrain or narrow dirt roads. The system is designed around a one-metre-wide tracked undercarriage, powered by a 19HP diesel engine, with the brake drive driven through a valve chest arrangement. Mounted to the unit is a custom-made frame and hydraulic drive hose reel capable of holding 200 metres of 3/4" jetting hose, inlet connectors compatible with 1" diameter hose.


Andy Guest Jetters Ltd. is offering the Remote Jetting Reel in various configurations, including tracked and wheeled versions. An integrated pull-out step is fitted for ease-of-use, along with LED beacon and work lamps for working in poor visibility. The unit can be upgraded with braked drive motors, seat unit, anti-roll cage and seat belts if required.

If you like to learn more on the Remote Jetting Reel and possible configurations, you can contact our customer service department via email or give us a call at T +31 (0)13 547 91 00, we’re happy to help you along!