Picture: Demo CityJet in front of  Rioned Tilburg

It is early morning, March 17th, 2015. Patches of fog are floating over the road when Robert Beaumont steers his van onto Rioned’s parking lot. Robert is a Rioned distributor from Assainipieces Services Couri?res, Frankrijk. in Couri?res, France. He has returned from a trip in the North of France, where he visited 10 different clients. In the company restaurant we sat down for a chat along with Robert and Hans de Laat, Export Area Manager at Rioned, who also joined us. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee stories of his successful trip unfold.

Rioned and demo-vans, what’s the deal?

Hans explained that “Rioned’s sales team has several demo-vans at it’s disposal. In the first quarter of 2015 three new demo vans and a trailer were added to the fleet. With these vans we are able to demonstrate the capabilities and the ease of use of our machines, right on site. We can do that anywhere in Europe. In the upcoming months we’ll be travelling through Poland, France, Austria, Denmark and Germany. On our agenda is a mix of ProfiJet, open houses at distributors, and several road shows. During a roadshow we visit about five clients per day.”

“Sometimes we are driving the vans ourselves” Hans continues. “We regularly have students or retirees bring the vans to their European destinations. We partnered up with Car Class, which offers driver services to companies. When necessary, a Rioned employee flies over to a specific location and takes it from there.”

Robert Beaumont voor de nieuwe demo-CityJet
Robert Beaumont behind the new  demo-CityJet
On tour: Pisa Italy, it’s a dirty job ;-)

How do customers respond?

“Machine demo’s give clients the best preview of what they can expect. Nothing works better than to experience using a machine in real life. It’s much more powerful than anything written on paper, or on social media for that matter. We often receive a genuine ‘WOW’ effect, true icing on our cake! For instance it happens when people see our ProfiJet Hot Water System at work, which is a machine suitable for cleaning drains soiled with grease, oil and calcium. Hot Water Cleaning is still very new in our industry. Only in Scandinavia are people are more accustomed to it, which is a shame as it is up to five times as effective for cleaning pipes and blockages with cold water.”

Hans continued enthusiastically: “We mounted a CityJet with our new eControl operating system in a Mercedes Benz Vito Van. With this van we visit our clients to familiarize them with the eControl, a userfriendly, intuitive digital approach to control our high pressure sewer cleaning machines. The eControl was awarded a RedDot Award last March! Robert used the same van for his tour through France.”

Robert shares that  “The eControl is fully up to date, easy to use and comes with a handy control menu that shows all functions in a single click. My clients were impressed with it’s capabilities. The younger generation, who grew up with smartphones and computers, especially appreciate the clear display and intuitive digital operation. Other aspects of the CityJet were also well received,  like the widened high pressure hose reel that can now pivot to 180 degrees. As France has many narrow streets, clients loved the compact build of the machine. The placement of motor and pump, easily accessible for maintenance and service, were equally appreciated.”

Up for a demo?

If you’d like to see a demo-van in action, please contact customer service at Rioned Tilburg- or your local distributor to schedule an appointment.