Per Backe, Equipment operator for Gravco proudly poses by his RIONED ProfiJet

RIONED recently hosted visitors from Norway in Tilburg, to take a look at the new RIONED unit that they ordered: welcome Gravco AS! Located in Oslo Norway, Gravco is a construction specialist company that is a major player in water and sewage pipe work. Gravco uses many RIONED units, including the CityJet and ProfiJet. With their new ProfiJet HWS ordered and on the way, Gravco is on a roll and has been since 1977, developing their stable of powerful machines and staff expertise.

We spoke to Per Backe of Gravco to give us some insight on the RIONED units that he operates. Per started with Gravco in 2013, when they had just three Rioned CityJets. Per quickly learned how to handle and operate Gravco’s lineup of RIONED equipment.

The Gravco crew in Norway!
The Gravco crew in Norway!

Per shared about his work experiences, “Some jobs take a great deal of time – we’re running engines and pumps for hours nonstop. Our Rioned sewer cleaning machines are powerful and reliable from day one! One thing I like the most about the ProfiJet is you can swing out the hose reel – ingenious!” Of course the job is not all wine and roses. “We have really cold winters here in Norway and pipes will freeze sometimes.” Per told us. “We open them with warm water and ice nozzles and it’s exciting when the ice and the water breaks.”

And things don’t always go as planned. “Once when clearing a blockage we had a small disaster: when the blockage cleared, sewer water poured out all over the kitchen floor. Thank God for insurance! The customer got a new kitchen when all was said and done, so he was happy!” As a daily user of Rioned equipment, Per says “My colleagues and I are very happy with our RIONED equipment. We depend on them because we know the tasks we're up against.”

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The amazing RIONED ProfiJet!

That’s the power of the RIONED relationship! You can see a lot more great material about their work on the Gravco Facebook page. And while you’re there, come find us too if you haven’t already.