We regularly talk to Rioned employees, who give a positive face to our company. This time we spoke with the latest person who joined our team: Serge Bobin.

Name : Serge Bobin
Job: Head of Direct Sales
Age: 39

You’ve been with us since June 2015. What made you choose Rioned?

“I found Rioned on LinkedIn and via Hays recruitment. I quickly noticed the unique dynamics at Rioned. People can play an active - and more so a pro-active role. A smaller organization like Rioned is simply more agile than it’s larger counterparts. Agility means a quicker adaptation to changes in the market. The decision making process is much more efficient. Of course it’s also great to work for a company known to be the leader in their field: the development and production of sewer and drain cleaning machines. These combined factors made the choice of Rioned obvious.”

What are your most important tasks?

“Within Rioned’s management team it’s my responsibility to see that all divisions within the sales department collaborate efficiently and effectively. The divisions are: Travelling Sales force, Office Staff and After Sales Department. A smooth collaboration ensures the best possible service to our clients. I’m also responsible for strategic development in countries where we have our own sales organization.

What will be your first big job within Rioned?

At this time I feel that getting to know my fellow Rioned employees is my most important job. I want to get to know their strengths and to help them make the most of their talents. I’m working on a plan which allows the office salesforce, service department and travelling sales force to collaborate in the best possible manner. Satisfied customers will always be our most important goal.

What goals are you hoping to achieve?

I’m looking forward to developing this positive working environment. Together with empowered employees I’m hoping to celebrate many future successes. Of course I have ambition to further grow the company, there are so many possibilities for Rioned. Especially in countries where our market share in the sewer and drain cleaning business can still grow exponentially.

What did you do before Rioned?

When I started my career I worked at the financial department and spent my days making analyses. Soon I realized that was simply not for me! So I moved into sales, initially to launch a product in Germany. In the following years I gained a lot of experience in sales, working in key-account-management, project-management, sales & marketing and I especially loved coaching & training the salesforce.”

“In the past 10 years I also worked in many European countries, but in the far East, Middle-East and Asia.The experience I acquired at bigger international companies, like Alcatel-Lucent, Hilti en Thales are very valuable and will help me in my work at Rioned.”

What was it like to live in such divergent countries for so long?

“I saw that as a challenge. You got to know and adjust to new cultures. It’s totally different than taking a vacation! If you work in a different country you really get to know the inhabitants and their culture. This makes it easier to understand and appreciate their way of life, religion and politics. I’ve learned to adjust my way of communicating and collaboration based on the culture of the country. It has taught me so much! And then there’s the language barrier. I’ve tried to learn the languages - I’ve always adapted well when it comes to collaboration and communication. Working in a foreign language is always an educational experience.”

What education did you have?

“After the Economic College in Reims I did my Bachelor at Alcatel University. A couple year later I received my MBA in Frankfurt at the Goethe University. In between I got a GDS (Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom) of the Goethe Institut a d my NT2-examen (Dutch language). That was both fun as well as a neccesity. If you speek the local language you can integrate into their busines and culture better and much faster.”

Ans last, which 4 adjectives best describe Rioned?

  • “Flexible - RIONED is a very flexible company!”
  • “Leader’ - RIONED is a consistent leaders in the sewer cleaning industry.”
  • “Smart’ - RIONED’s drain cleaning machines are just smart!”
  • “Motivated’ - which, of course, is all about the people!”

We wish Serge all the best in his new position!

Photo: Serge introduces himself to his employeesduring the annual Rioned BBQ