In an ever changing business environment your product development program has to keep up a fast pace. Innovation and continuous improvement are essential when meeting the needs of your customers, and to distinguish yourselves from the competition. Here at Rioned, not only do we regularly introduce new machines but we consistently review individual components of our products - and review our services- to see how we can improve them for the user. That's how we continue to provide an even greater value from our existing products. The control- and operation of our high pressure machines is a great example....

We challenged our team to simplify the unit while also providing users with additional data. With this challenge in mind, a project team was created which consisted of Marc Soethout, (Engineering Manager); Marcel van Bavel (Senior Engineer) and the assigned Project Leader, André Randsdorp (Purchasing Manager). The goal was to develop a new control system for both our high pressure cleaners as well as our combination units, in collaboration with one of our partners, Venne Electronics from Maastricht.

During one of the initial brainstorming sessions a key issue was discussed: digital display. The team saw an opportunity to invite another strategic partner to join the team in order to assist with the development of functionality with the interface. GBO Design from Helmond were now on-board. The Rioned eControl was born!

IMG 3724 s
Photos: brainstorming sessions about the eControl

With great pride the new digital display was introduced at the IFAT event in Munich. The consensus was that we have revolutionised the way in which equipment in our industry was controlled!

DSC 0025 s
Photos: Marcel and Marc having a tough time selecting the right screens.

After the introduction of eControl there were several ideas for further development of the new concept. The original scope of the project with Venne has been expanded with additional software to enhance the menus as well as the functionality of the rotary/push navigator. Prototypes were rigorously tested, designs were formalized, and we gave our all to meet an ambitious deadline.

Design phase: sketch by GBO Design
This it it: the new eControl

The new Rioned eControl

We are proud to confirm that starting January 2015, the eControl+ will be available for all diesel powered models with remote control, and the eControl (without display) for all gasoline powered models with remote control. The first models will be presented during our forthcoming Open House, coming Friday October 31st and Sunday November 1st.

In addition to a distinctive design, the eControl+ will offer the user the following benefits:

  • Fully IP65 for even more reliability in harsh conditions
  • Durable, industrialized and UV resistant touch keys
  • Easy operation with fixed printing features and built-in hour meter (eControl)
  • Easy operation with convenient push/rotary encoder and lit function keys (eControl+)
  • Sunlight readable 4.3 "full color LCD display" with critical machine data (eControl+)
  • Clear and simple menu structure (eControl+)
  • Information on service intervals and running hours (eControl+)
  • Equipped with RioLightbar™ which will provide the user with additional information (eControl+)

We will continue to develop the efficiency of eControl and provide innovation and creativity. This is how RIONED demonstrates the difference between a good sewer cleaning machine and a great one!