Things continue to develop well at Rioned! In 2014 we introduced the eControl, a new trend in machine operation. And now this same eControl is in the race for the Red Dot Design Award. Are we going to win the prestigious price? We have to wait just a little longer to find out. At the end of March 2015 the international jury will announce the winners. Tense times indeed!


The battle for the Red Dot Design Award is on! During this competition, one of the world’s most important design contests, companies and designers from over 50 countries compete with each other. Divided into 19 categories, there are thousands of competitors. The winner gets to add the desired Red Dot label to it’s product! This important hallmark is internationally known as the mark of quality and innovation. All of the judges are experts in their field of design, each one with an impeccable international reputation. This guarantees a high level of expertise; not only for the competition itself but also for designation of the Red Dot label. That’s why products with this label attract attention worldwide! Philips, Porsche, BMW, Bose and Siemens all have once won in their category.

eControl Red Dot

eControl on a Rioned machine
Exciting: econtrol awaits Red Dot judgement


The development of eControl was realized from a combination of teams at Rioned with Venne Electronics from Maastricht and GBO Design & GBO Projects from Helmond. With eControl we compete in the category of ‘industry, machinery and robotics’. Beforehand we sent the jury a detailed description of, and specifications of eControl. In February a number of judges came to see and judge the eControl themselves. No developers were allowed to be present. The eControl was placed in a hall on a pillar made by GBO;after the evaluation from the judge we started the count down! On the 30th of March the jury will announce the winners and if we win the presentation of prizes, it will be held on June 29th, 2015.

We have our fingers crossed and hope we’ll win!

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