Rioned knows there are many hazards lurking underground in pipes and sewers. That's why we promote professional and safe practices when working on stopped up pipes and sewer drains. But in the London sewers there are some evil forces growing– literally! The constant accumulation of fat and oil waste is building up and creating so-called "fatbergs." We're not talking about North Atlantic icebergs Vs. the Titanic here, but these fatbergs do cause a great deal of trouble under the streets of London, generating 40,000 sewer blockages annually. Check out this video about grease and oil fatbergs – you wouldn't need Rioned's sophisticated inspection systems to see these baby's building up!

Rioned has looked at fats and oils being flushed down home drains and how we all need to do our part in disposing used oils. The most significant contribution of fat waste in these growing fatbergs comes from the many restaurants in London. Funny - we found a use for fat - an artistic perspective provided by acclaimed artist Joseph Beuys, who created art from fat, as you can see here!

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Perhaps a more productive solution for the Fatbergs of London is being provided by authorities from Thames Water, who are working to harness the power of fat as an alternative energy source. "Green energy" isn't just about wind and sunlight! The London plan is to harvest the FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) directly from the restaurant grease traps before it travels through the sewers. The fat will be used to generate bio–fuel power at the biggest sewer treatment plant in Europe, located in East London. This fat fueled plan is being closely watched by other cities with clogged sewers of their own – so don't "man the lifeboats" yet – the fatbergs of London should be melting over the next year!

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