Anna and Hans Smestad are a happy couple who have had a lot of experience with wedding anniversaries – they’re celebrating 64 years of marriage this year. (Congratulations!) Rioned was struck with a story that started with their golden anniversary, 14 years ago. As they tell it: “We decided to have rings made in Norway from this jeweler for our 50th wedding anniversary.” The matching gold rings were inscribed with their names and the date. Beautiful. But then two years after getting them, Anna lost hers, realizing that the ring accidentally had gone down the toilet! Her wedding ring was gone down the sewer!

RIONED knows that things accidentally do go down household sinks and toilets all the time – from tennis balls to cell phones (even a python)? There are all sorts of urban legends about what’s in the sewers (like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the sewers of New York City)! Losing a special wedding ring is sad - but fortunately for the couple, they story isn’t over yet! Little did they know that the precious ring was near – in the neighborhood – and still on their street in fact!

Now jump ahead twelve years. The lost wedding ring was nearly forgotten - life goes on. Then the Smestad’s have a plumbing issue in their home, and when their plumber couldn't pin-point the problem inside their house, the Department of Public works was called in. And? That’s right, the wedding ring was discovered! It was just down the street in the sewer line. "My husband comes running in…'look what they found!' Anna said. “My ring! I almost fainted!"

RIONED’s Minicam

RIONED’s Minicam

We wonder if the Public Works folks were using RIONED’s inspection systems? Maybe the RIONED Fibercam or the smaller RIONED Minicam; both have a keen eye and are perfect for multifunctional use – even in finding gold rings! After all, RIONED knows that love conquers all!

Image by Pete via