At RIONED safety and security is paramount because high velocity water jetting can be so dangerous. Cleaning sewer pipes requires knowledge and safety skills: without precautions injection accidents occur, resulting in serious injuries or death. A fatal accident occurred just this spring at the Donges Refinery in France. A contractor was killed during high pressure cleaning, because the flexible hose was not secured.

Just like a carpenter building a house, you need many tools for high pressure water jetting and the skills to use them properly. Knowing your environment and personal protective equipment are key.

RIONED wants to share the seven most important safety issues:

  1. Electrical Shock. Water and electricity can be a serious and deadly combination. Safe equipment – properly maintained – and cautious operations are vital.
  2. Contracting disease/becoming ill. Appropriate safety apparel is essential, especially when working on older pipes with the worst bacteria and bloodborne pathogens.
  3. Chemical drain openers. Goggles are a must to protect you from chemical residue. It's best to assume that chemicals have been used previously, and be ready.
  4. Rotating cable and attachment under torque. Heavy duty safety gloves are crucial. Follow operational procedures and instruction – like the three foot cable rule.
  5. Confined Space Entry. Sewer Manholes and septic tanks provide a hazardous work atmosphere – you need to know your space limitations to work safely and effectively.
  6. Heavy/unsafe lifting. Safe lifting procedures are vital, especially in an unsafe environment. And wear your slip resistant shoes!
  7. High pressure water. High powered jetting systems can cause serious injection injuries similar to a gunshot wound. Blindness, loss of limb and other injuries are possible.

RIONED wants you to work safely. The right equipment and information is fundamental for your safety, and RIONED customer service is there for questions. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your machines in the best possible shape.

Work safe, live safe, and help your business thrive!