Rioned has been watching intense storm action that has caused flooding across southern and eastern England. Relentless heavy rain and surface water saturation creates serious implications for water and wastewater services, putting sewer pipes and pumping stations under great strain and leading to overflowing sewers. These storms have been so intense that even after months many areas are still in danger of flooding. The Netherlands also got serious storm activity this year, straining sewer capabilities and leading to Code Orange in many parts of the country with manhole covers and toilets overflowing.

Sewer blockages

Frequency of these weather events and sewer blockages are predicted to increase due to continuing climate change. Oxford University research shows that rising temperatures means intense rainfall; these severe occurrences are now a "one in 80-year event" rather than "one in 100-year event," a frightening increase. There are other issues involved too, like sewer system design and flood risk management policies. For instance the UK has combined many sewer systems in urban areas to collect both sewage and surface water – but when these combined sewers can't cope with heavy rainfall, the result is overflowing sewers full of feces.

And sewer blockage is exacerbated with shrubs and roots from trees; municipal engineers and homeowners alike come across roots growing into sewer pipes through a break or poor connection. While RIONED can't change the weather, we can predict powerful solutions for these problems , like the Blizzard, our all-in-one nozzle with hydraulic tempered front jet. It drills through blockages and cuts away at roots. And for tougher blocks and heavier work, the forecast calls for RIONED's Maxi root cutter, for use with larger high pressure jetting machines and combination units! So you may need to take your umbrella, but the RIONED weather report calls for clear drains and flowing pipes!

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