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The humble but essential toilet is often the most overlooked but utterly vital household convenience we have. It’s taken for granted, misused and abused. and rarely celebrated in song and verse (although the battle of the sexes – leaving the toilet seat up or down – is an exception)! But RIONED knows that the implementation of standard household plumbing was a defining moment of modern civilization, and World Toilet Day, November 19th, is a United Nations recognized event that draws serious attention to the ubiquitous toilet.

The UN helps draw attention to the toilet because of the serious worldwide challenge that is posed by the lack of sanitary plumbing; can we even imagine living day to day without it? No privacy, no cleanliness or convenience when you need it. Pretty crazy for most of us, but consider that this is a harsh reality for an astonishing 2.5 billion people – one in three people across the globe. World Toilet Day was designed to raises awareness of this important issue.

Since 2001 World Toilet Day has lobbied media, the private sector and development organizations to promote action. It’s not about trying to make toilet sexy; it’s about the health, emotional and economic impact of sanitation. From the first “flushing water closet” recorded in history over 2800 years ago, the humble toilet has been a stepping stone to a healthier life, greater human dignity, freedom and equality.

As part of the support system for plumbing and sanitation concerns, RIONED respects its role in sanitary plumbing maintenance. You can rest assured that when your toilet or plumbing is suffering, RIONED’s professional equipment is ready to roll with drain and sewer cleaning power! And on World Toilet Day, that is something to be aware of, and thankful for!