Sometimes RIONED customers find the perfect solution to their business needs by using our flexible and hardworking equipment in innovative ways. For instance, Odtok, who last year utilized RIONED’s AquaJet to clean waste chutes while working in high rises. We love those stories! We pay careful attention to our customers needs, continuosly strengthening the bridge between quality and functionality. It’s like the new Unicom unit just shipped to a hard working client in Croatia, ASES USLUGE d.o.o. This young company is based in Zagreb, Croatia is owned by businessman Admir Sulji?, who started the company in 2009. He shares “we are just opening our 2nd office in Zadar to further expand…over 25 people are working in my company, and we are still expanding.”

Admir is no stranger to RIONED. “I have an AquaJet from RIONED - that never let me down...I have built up my company with that unit!” So when it was time to support the company’s growth, Asdmir chose RIONED’s compact, multifunctional Unicom, but one specially modified for his needs. The standard Unicom Unit is 2.20 meters high, but this unit, mounted on a Nissan Cabstar, comes in at just under 2m. Admir explains “I wanted to have a unit which is small enough to access underground parking operations, and to enter the old historic parts of our beautiful city center.” Smaller but still powerful!

RIONED’s hard Working and flexible Unicom!
RIONED’s hard Working and flexible Unicom!

Ases Uslugem provides servicing and cleaning services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it is well matched to RIONED’s hard working equipment like the Unicom. We’re proud that we can provide them with the modifications needed to better serve their customers. Admir is looking forward to ordering a second unit already! Power, functionality and style - as Admir says he loves driving it through the city, “This unit has it all, and the design looks great!”

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And this is how the branded unit looks!