RIONED values its relationships with companies across the world in our expansive international network. Working closely with our customers is how RIONED stays relevant with their business needs and priorities – as well as ours! On our Facebook page you see stories of collaboration with leaders in the industry. Like the innovative Odtok, a drain cleaning company from Slovenia. Odtok is an active and forward moving company that works as hard as its RIONED equipment. They rely on their tools and network as their company grows!

Odtok, innovative use of Rioned’s AquaJet: cleaning waste chutes of high rises!

Odtok, innovative use of Rioned’s AquaJet: cleaning waste chutes of high rises!

Because of their dedicated focus on performance and quality, the young business Odtok is always looking for new solutions to address challenging problems. For instance, Odtok found an alternate benefit in RIONED’s hard working AquaJet: cleaning waste chutes while working in high rises! They tape the hatches of the chute on every floor with plastic to prevent water damage, the power of the AquaJet does the work, and the wastewater is collected at the bottom floor!


The low weight and very compact high pressure AquaJet with pulsator and radio remote control system was Odtok’s first RIONED equipment. There’s a reason we are Europe’s leader in drain cleaning equipment! Odtok also purchased RIONED spring machines to help clean the domestic pipes. Last year Odtok ordered their 2nd RIONED unit, the powerful CityJet, also with pulsator / remote control. CityJet is our latest skid mounted jetting unit, developed to be built into small and medium sized vans. Odtok is using this unit in their 2nd office in the capital city of Ljubljana.


RIONED appreciates that our equipment and technology works hard for our customers. We produce the equipment that does the job and goes the extra mile! These kind of partnerships - and companies like Odtok - rock our world and helps keep us on track building the best!