World Class drain cleaning Equipment is what it’s all about, and it’s why working with RIONED’s sewer cleaning machines is the smart choice. Because of our commitment to excellence we take spirited control over the quality and manufacturing process of our products and materials. Take a look at our powerful ProfiJet HWS unit – a skid mounted jetting machine with the excellent features of a standard ProfiJet (like the patented 180° pivoting high pressure hose reel, which ensures ergonomic ease of operation)! But the ProfiJet HWS also sports a unique, patented and sustainable Hot Water System.

Pofijet HWS

Why the ProfiJet HWS is a sustainable drain cleaning solution

By using hot water it’s possible to work with house connections and smaller pipes, because this unit will rush your clog at 30/40 liters per minute, instead of the 72 liters per minute that’s required without using hot water. That’s a water savings of up to 50%!

And there’s more: the RIONED HWS unit utilizes the otherwise wasted heat from the engine with our redesigned heat exchanger operation. The ProfiJet HWS (hot water system) unit doesn’t need a separate burner to heat up the water – it uses the existing heat that is generated by the unit’s motor, saving up to 5,000 liters a year in fuel costs alone! And with no coils to descale and no electrodes to maintain that you would need to do with a separate burner unit, you also save on maintenance and replacements costs.

So with blizzards beating the USA, and temperatures below zero in Europe and the UK, we say; bring on the heat! Just like a steaming mug of hot black coffee during break time or a roaring fire to warm up to after a hard day’s work, we all love a “warm” option, and RIONED has you covered.

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