Research shows excellent light in the workplace is an essential part of employee's overall well-being. Better yet, the exposure to natural light enhances workplace performance by 10 - 15%. "Employees that work in a place with bad lighting can suffer from health issues like fatigue, headache and irriated red, dry eyes. An unwanted situation" says Kees van Giersbergen, project leader of the Illumination Project at Rioned.

In 2001 Rioned, European market leader in sewer cleaning machines, moved to the Centaurusweg 45 in Tilburg. After 10 years the factory and office lighting was outdated and not up to the latest standards for employee well-being. Also, environmental factors played a big role in the decision to have Kees van Giersbergen - Manager Production and André Randsdorp - Manager Purchasing start the Rioned lighting project.

Proper lighting improves employees effectiveness

Research at the Rioned factory showed that people often worked in their own shadows. In the offices people reported flickering lights and the color as cumbersome factors. Because research has proven that better lighting is a big factor in improving productivity, we started looking for the best solution for our company and personnel.

Lighting part of a sustainable environment

A lot has been said on the environmental effects of using the right lightsource for companies. As saving energy is also part of our focus on sustainability, we searched for a lightsource that saved energy while also best accommodating our employees. Because of it's positive effect on maintenance costs, durability was another factor in the final decision. After a period of sound comparison we chose Rofianda B.V. in Tilburg as our 'lighting' guide. Their suggestion was to work with CCFL lighting. Rofianda featured Rioned's well lit Showroom on their website.

LED vs CCFL verlichting

The variety in lighting systems has seen major growth the last couple of years. Where only a couple years back companies were convinced that fiber optics where the lightmedium of the future, LED (Light Emitted Diode) has taken a leading role. LED's are used extensively in the car industry, for decoratio and in advertising. Unfortunatly, LED's can't meet expectations, when higher light standards are needed, like in offices, factories and logistic spaces.

Cold Cathode Fluorescentie Light (CCFL) is a new lighting technique for Europe. In Asia it's commonly used as it comes from the world of 'backlights' (like, TV's, laptops and monitors).
Advantages of the CCFL are:

  • substantial energy savings
  • extremely long lasting
  • less CO2-emission
  • better air quality, light levels equal daylight
  • flicker free
  • high productivity
  • Less shadow in workspaces

Rioned Verlichtingsplan



Erik Haerkens - Assistant Chief Production, reports: "to be honest, we were used to the insufficient lighting system. More and more fluorescent lights were added to counter the daily struggles. It just never really solved the issue. Our new system has a lot of advantages: less shadow, more light AND less watts! It resembles daylight so much that we're sometimes looking outside and wonder why it's so dark out! It's great to work in this light, although it's still a pity there's not more daylight coming in. Only when I have to work on very small part I am still using an extra light. In the old days, when we turned off the lights accidentally, we had to wait for 15 minutes before we could turn it back on. Also outages and peak loads where very bothersome. Fortunately those are all a thing of the past."

For the factory a complete lighting plan has now been developed and introduced. The lighting project was fully implemented in 2013, has led to energy savings, happier employees and more (and better!) light.

Three times the bonus!