Rioned has developed a wide range of suction units for emptying grease separators, septic tanks, flooded cellars, street wells, potholes and more. We offer models with a minimum capacity of 500 litre and larger tanks that can hold up to 8.000 litre. All units can be mounted on a rugged underframe or come supplied on a road approved trailer.

Vacuum pumps

A wide variety of vacuum pumps can be build up, allowing you to choose a model that is ready to face your challenges. From an economic 130 cfm pump, up to a very powerful 460 cfm model; the choice is yours. The vacuum pumps can be driven by a petrol- , diesel or even electric engine. Our pumps and engines are placed on a special shock-absorbing sub frame that is protected by a cover or fully closed.


Our corrosion proof steel tanks can be supplied fully galvanized or painted in any desired colour. If weight is a concern, we now also supply aluminium tanks. A light-weight aluminium tank reduces the overall empty weight significantly, making them ideally suited for placement in- or on to a weight restricted chassis. Security features (siphons) are build up to protect your pump and to avoid unwanted situations. A manhole or fully opening -either manually or hydraulically- door provides access to the tank. The optionally available hydraulic tilt installation ensures easy emptying while extra drain-off valves can be placed to drain-off waste-water.


To make sure you have all your tools and accessories at hand, our suction units are supplied with hose-trays or (lockable) aluminium storage compartments.