HD 50 compact high pressure machine (1973)

This year Rioned is celebrating its 60th anniversary. We are proudly looking back on some important milestones in the history of our company. Previously we had a look at the ‘history of the early years’. Now we are going back to the 70’s.

Getting more and more footprint

It was in the roaring seventies that we faced two oil crises . These crises impacted the Dutch economy dramatically. Drastic measures, such as the ‘car-free Sundays’, were required to get back on track again.

But there are some positive 70’s facts as well. Dutch football team Feyenoord won the Europe Cup in 1970. It is the first Dutch team in history to win this prestigious cup. In the three consecutive years, another Dutch team wins the title. Ajax Amsterdam dominates European football.

Moreover, there is an industrial revolution going on. In Dutch households the coffee machine appears. Slowly, the first computers are showing up in the wealthy households. They are very expensive and only the ‘the rich’ can afford to buy one. But a point has been made, this revolution will change the world forever.

For Rior the seventies were important as well, because these were the years they won their strong market position in the market for sewer cleaning equipment.

High Pressure Machines, compact and payable

The man behind the successes of Rior is Ad Smeulders. Ad is an ambitious salesman. He knows the importance for Rioned to come up with something new. In the words of Ad: ‘’There is an urgent need for water. We have to create a new machine to clean sewer pipes with water. With spring machines we can unblock the pipes, but then a lot of rubbish remains behind in the sewer. We need a machine to flush it away. It doesn’t have to be a big machine, no housing cooperation can afford that. We need compact and payable machines, that is where the opportunities are for us.’’ And so it happened, Rior developed several compact and affordable high pressure machines.

Ad Smeulders
Ad Smeulders

Sewer cleaning equipment, a new generation

One of the first machines Rior developed was the HD 77, this was a quite large high pressure trailer. Soon it turns out that there is need of a smaller unit. From this need, the HD 40 was developed, with great success. First in the Netherlands, and afterwards many other countries bought the machine as well. A little later, the HD 50 was introduced, a small trailer, which was purchased frequently within Europe. It became one of the most successful products for Rior.

Ad Smeulders: ‘’The development of new high pressure machines did not happen without struggles. In the beginning Italian diaphragm pumps were mounted on the machines, but the quality was bad. We had to search for another supplier and chose Lebo. Later on we switched to Speck pumps.’’

In the meanwhile the spring machines are also in development. A spring machine with an automatic spring feed was introduced. Ad Smeulders got the idea on an exhibition in Paris. Ad: ‘’There was an American machine with something similar. This was it!’’

Along the way a new generation of sewer cleaning machines have been developed. Rior is taking into account the customer needs and requirements. Export is growing exponentially and new partnerships are made with Rior-dealers in different countries. Ad Smeulders had intended to become an important player for the European market. And he succeeded.

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