In 2016 Rioned will be celebrating it’s 60th birthday. In the run up to that special event we are looking back at milestones in the history of the company. We will do so in a number of episodes, starting with this first entry going back to the early years.

The first step: 1956

Rior BV is the life work of Jef Poos. It all began in july of 1956 when he registered himself as a professional welder with the Chamber of Commerce, naming his new company Tilburgse Lasinrichting J. Poos (Tilburg Welding Company J. Poos). He started working in the garden of his home in the Paul Krügerstraat, accepting all kinds of jobs. At the same time he is working part-time in the textile industry, which is the engine of the local economy.

Grown on his behalf: the late 1950’s

In the late 1950s, as Jef Poos writes "the Tilburg Welding Company, which has acquired great fame, continues to grow." During that time J. Poost’s stadd is also growing considerably along with the company. He has also gained some large customer accounts such as KEMA in Arnhem and Aabe in Tilburg. Time for a new name thought Poos and he renames the bigger and better company Industrie- en Handelsonderneming Poos (Industry and Trading Company Poos).

The Batavians working: early 1960s

In the early 1960s Jef Poos is visited by Toon Stokkermans, a local sewer pipe cleaner. Toon wants Jef to repair a spring that he uses to unclog sewers, and Jef did. At the same time Toon asks Jef if he could make a pipe cleaning device complete with a motor. Working with the spring is, after all, a heavy and time consuming task for two man, with one running the spring and the other turning the crank. Jef starts experimenting with the chllenge and after a few years his first spring machine is developed. Stokkermans is very enthusiastic and orders two! In an interview many years later Jef Poos says: "when I saw that man mess around with his hands managing the spring and claw I thought: here are the Batavians at work".

Again, continued growth: 1967

The spring machine turns out to be a revolutionary product and Jef Poos’ business continues to expand. The spring machines are selling well in The Netherlands and abroad under the name RIOR. In 1967, the 1000-ste RIOR was developed and manufactured and Jef Poos continues to look forward. He is also experimenting on clearing sewers by high pressure hose, a new type of RIOR. He again saw the need for name change, and so in 1967 the company is remaned Industrie-en Handelsonderneming Poos Rior N.V.

A modern factory

In 1969, Rior N.V. presents it’s first high-pressure machine at a fair in Düsseldorf. In the same year, Jef Poos celebrates the 12.5-year anniversary of his company and moves Rior to the city of Goirle and into the building of a former cake factory. The company continues it’s excellent growth over the next years and soon that factory location no longer meets the needs for production. In 1973 Rior moved into a completly new facility at the Tijvoortsebaan in Goirle. The company is now established in a modern factory that meets all the requirements of the growing business!

A new era begins: 1989

In 1989, Rior N.V. was sold to Heico Inc., an American holding company. At that time Rior merged with Rioned, a company that was founded by Ad Smeulders, a former employee of Jef Poos. Jef Poos had resigned as Director from Rior B.V. six years earlier, so there was now a new era beginning for the company. Since than, the company has continued it’s growth as a part of Heico. Under the name of Rior B.V./Rioned, the company is firmly established as the European market leader in the field of sewer cleaning, inspection and detection equipment. Today - with innovation and quality still paramount to our success - RIONED continues to set the standard!