Root growth is one of the most common causes for problems in laterals and main sewers. We all know tree roots can cause severe damage to sewer pipes. Root trees or veins gain access to sewer pipes through loose joints, or even the smallest cracks. The sewers provide a rich source for water and nutrients and once inside, tree roots branch off and can grow at incredible speed.

A lot has been written on roots and how to prevent them from growing into severe blockages. At Rioned we are often asked how a high pressure jetting machine can tackle this problem. In general we recommend the following add-ons to get rid of roots. We wrote about our Maxi root cutter system before, but Rioned has more options to tackle the problem by it’s roots!


A buster set comes with tools and accessories to tackle roots two-ways. The rotating nozzle can be equipped with a cutter to drill through a blockage after which the remains are cleared with sharp edged rotating chains. The Buster is relatively lightweight, making it usable with pumps that deliver 30 liters of water per minute (and up) to break small roots.

Buster set


The hydraulic root cutter consists of a central body and rotating circular knives. The knives come in different sizes to fit the pipe diameter and are supplied with matching skids to keep it centralized in the drain. The saw knives have sharp angular teeth at front and rear.

The hydraulic root cutter operates at water flows of 40 lpm although a bit more flow (60 liters per minute or more) is recommended for optimum results. Pressure is of less importance and 80 bars is already sufficient.

Hydraulic Root Cutter
Picture: Hydraulic root cutter


Our Blizzard nozzle is the most powerful rotating jetting nozzle available on the market today. The Blizzard has a patented controlled rotating system and fewer jets that allows the jet to deliver maximum power. The off centre positioned front-jet creates a powerful front end that cuts through roots and other blockages with ease.

Where the hydraulic root cutter needs flow, the Blizzard nozzle requires pressure to be effective. With 200 bars or more the Blizzard nozzle cuts tree roots without problem. The Blizzard is available in a wide range of sizes for small and large diameter pipes.

Blizzard nozzle cuts through wood in seconds

Interested in one of our root cutter solutions? Please contact your local distributor for a demo, or contact Rioned directly. We’re happy to help you find the right solution for your specific root problem.

Picture: Theo van Merode of ACV Ede - Theo got roots!