USB Nozzles Press Release

Rioned has added a new set of ½” specialist nozzles to its range. The high-performance nozzles from German manufacturer USB utilise 3D fluid mechanics to perform cleaning, clearing and unblocking tasks whilst using less water. Engineered using corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the range offers excellent cleaning performance and durability.

Mark Cox, Sales Manager at Rioned UK, says it was critical to pick the right partner in selecting nozzles to complement the existing large range.

“USB nozzles have the quality of build and performance we were looking for with specialist nozzles, along with a well-established reputation in the industry and a great support team. We initially selected three nozzles for field trials and they have been put through their paces by Anglian Water with good results. Ultimately, we will add more USB nozzles to the range.”

The three ½” nozzles currently available include the Primus, a specialist rotary cutting and cleaning nozzle that is clutch-driven for controlled rotation and ideal for removing hard deposits, grease and light roots. The Turbo chain cutter utilises turbine technology for removing hardened deposits and tree roots in the walls of the pipe. The Quattro chisel nozzle is supplied with a solid drill point to aid penetration power in cutting through blockages in sewer and drain pipelines.

Anglian Water has been trialling the nozzles for the past few months and Customer Support Technician Paul Thurling says they have been impressed by the performance: “The Turbo Chain Cutter, in particular, has performed well in removing scale from main sewer lines. We’ve had similar kit before but this nozzle breaks down the hardened scale into powder quickly, pushing the deposits behind for clearing with the rear jets.”

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