FlexCom with Liquid Ring Pump

Efficiency, quality and reliability are driving factors at Rioned. We are constantly looking for innovative techniques to further improve our machines. The liquid ring pump is an example of a technical solution that perfectly fits our philosophy.

Liquid Ring Pump, Samson Pumps
Liquid Ring Pump, Samson Pumps

Liquid Ring Pump

In a liquid ring pump a ring of water (2) is formed by a rotor with fixed blades (1) against the outer jacket (3) of the pump. That water ring is formed by a centrifugal force. Between the rotor blades and the water ring cells appear. Because the rotor is askew (not centered) of the pump’s housing, the cells are constantly changing in size. Making it a system that can be used is as a compressor or as a vacuum pump.

Principle liquid ring pump, Samson Pumps

The simple construction of this pump makes it sturdy and reliable. There are no valves or other moving parts. Therefore, there is almost no wear and noise levels are low. The rotor is the only revolving part which works without contact. Liquid ring pumps can pump large quantities of fluids without affecting capacity or mechanical reliability. Durability and high reliability are guaranteed. Even under the toughest operating conditions.

Advantages of using a liquid ring pump

  • Sustainable: A liquid ring pump works without oil lubrication. Thus avoiding polluting emission from oil spray, which oil lubricated pumps need for proper functioning.
  • Save time: due to the large volume suction you can work faster and save you another time. All in all an investment, savings and sustainability go hand in hand in operating costs.
  • Cost effective; no oil = saving money - large volume means you get more work done in the same time.
  • Durable: less maintenance than an oil lubricated pump.
  • Low noise levels
  • Almost maintenance free

Liquid ring pump  in FlexCom

Liquid ring pump in FlexCom

Special unit for Drain Solutions

Special unit for Drain Solutions

Special unit for Drain Solutions

The liquid ring pump is very versatile. It can be used to easily remove sewage sludge or fat residue. Rioned offers a liquid ring pump on various machines like a Flexcom. Or in this special unit with built-in suction and pump unit for Drain Solutions.

Our longtime supplier of liquid ring pumps is the Danish company Samson Pumps, which has been making these pumps since 1965. If you’d like to learn more about the liquid ring pump, do not hesitate to contact us!