A company is lost without it’s leadership and vision. But who are those dedicated people that make Rioned thrive every day? To give Rioned ‘a face’, we’re starting a conversation with Rioned employees. This time we sat down with Lennard and asked him some key questions. Who’s the man behind the hard worker?

Name: Lennard Barendse
Job: Warehouse worker/export department
Age: 36

Lennard @WORK  Lennard @HOME 

Lennard @WORK

What are your most important tasks?
I’m a warehouse worker in the export department. I make sure all packages arrive at our clients in one piece. Also completing and forwarding the right documentation (together with the sales department) is part of my duties.

How did you end up at Rioned?
In 2008 I was employed at a Logistics employment agency. Rioned was one of my clients. When I lost my job because of the crisis, I asked the agency to keep me posted in case of a job opening. Happy to say that an opportunity presented itself at Rioned; and the rest is history! This was five years ago.

How would you describe Rioned?
As a small and friendly company where everything is possible. Employees get the space they need. This creates an atmoshpere where people feel good.

Do you love what you do?
Absolutely! I’m always happy to get to work and I get along fine with my colleagues. The only time I’m cranky is when it’s raining and I get soaking wet!

What’s a job you will never forget?
A couple of weeks ago I dropped a machine on it’s side. First time ever I caused damage to a machine. I picked up a pallet on the wrong side and it broke! Because of an unfortunate chain of events the machine fell off the fork. Fortunately this has happened only once, but I felt so bad.

What is a job you will remember?
We once had a shipment of 14 CityJets for the UK. We all took pictures of it when the order was ready for shipment - and felt really proud. Two lorry’s filled with CityJets: a magnificent view!

Is there something you don’t like about your job?
Oh well, sometimes everything is all packed and ready to go for a client. And then we receive a call that one more thing needs to be added….But hey, it happens!

Can you name five adjectives that describe Rioned?
Customer focused, commercially strong, familiar, sometimes a little hectic (because of a lack of space when we have big orders) and flexible. When changes are needed time after time, we might have a little grumpy moment, and then everyone puts his/her best foot forward again.

Which colleague would you like to ‘pass the baton?’
To Michiel van Mourik, a positive and friendly colleague that often arrives in the most bizarre cars. There must be a story to that!

Lennard @HOME


May I ask about your private situation?
Of course! I’m married to Noortje and have a 3 year old daughter.
Apart from your wife/daughter, what makes your heart beat faster?
Music, tatoos and bikes! I’m a singer in multiple Metalbands. You can call the type of music that I’m playing Stonerrock.

How long have you been doing this?
When I was 15 I had already played in various bands. The only instrument I ever ‘played’ was and is my voice. Forcefeed was the first band of which I was the lead singer. We caught the eye of many people with Forcefeed which resulted in three albums, a videoclip and a tour through California: great times! We were found via MySpace, the precursor of Facebook. Eventually it resulted in a tour with 14 shows.

When did you do your last show?
Last summer we went on stage with the band Gilo. Unfortunatley the guitarplayer was ill, so the band was discontinued. Enter: Stoner Rock! I’m now playing in two bands, which my brother and I started; ‘Buckrider’ and ‘Blaine’. We’re now building sets to be able to play a full show by summer. We’re rehearsing weekly untill we have a 45 min set. That’s when promotion starts. Hopefully we’ll be on stage soon!

Can we listen to you somewhere?
There are a couple video’s on YouTube and you can also find us on other sites.

What other kind of music do you like?
I also love singer/songwriter music and soul. You have to be able to hear musician’s passion in his/her music!

Do you go to concerts often?
Every month! I also try to attend an open air festival every year. There are so many festivals in the Netherlands that it’s easy to keep that promise to myself.
Anything else that you’d like to add?
Sometimes I’m an announcer at the unusual women’s sport my wife participates in: Roller Derby

She was mentioned in a famous Dutch magazine last month: ‘de Viva.’ All Roller Derby players have a special sportsname. Her name is ‘Dolly Deathstar’ (of Dolly Parton and Star Wars). Watching science fiction movies is also a bit of a hobby of ours.

Even my marriage had a Star Wars theme! I had Star Wars cuffs, and on top of the cake we had Han Solo and Prinses Leah!

Lennards vrouw en dochter. Rollerderby: het zit in de genen!

Lennards wife and daughter: rollerderby - it’s in the genes!