Refurbished and fully customized Municipal Firetruck

RIONED works with a strong worldwide network of dealers. We are delighted to introduce a new member to the growing circle of authorized dealers: the historic company INASI, located in Azambuja, Portugal. INASI dates way back to 1950, when they started with the manufacturing of Fire Fighting Trucks. Nowadays INASI offers a broad range of special purpose products through their Environmental Division.

RIONED recently talked to Rodrigo Araújo from INASI about some of the history of the company - and their evolving relationship with RIONED. “We first started our cooperation with RIONED two years ago after the IFAT exhibition. ” Rodrigo reports. He says that INASI was drawn to RIONED over the competition because the RIONED units are compact, well designed and offer exceptional quality!”

Rodigo thinks the new CityJet with all its useful features and functions is the most appealing product in our range but he is also enthusiastic about the compact and lightweight AquaJet. Both are perfect for placement in small and medium sized vans, and INASI have recently sold several models.


RIONED knows the quality of the CityJet represents why we build such strong relationships – as Rodrigo explained, “the CityJet stands out from our competition and is more compact with better design and quality!” As an important certified provider of water and sewage work, INASI knows the power of quality and innovation. Rodrigo finally shared that “RIONED ‘provides a very good partnership, with all the right features, conditions and communication.” That’s what drives our team to satisfying our client’s needs!