Just over two years ago, Rioned introduced the stylish UrbanCombi on the market. From day one, the new concept was very well-received and found its way to many customers in different countries. The UrbanCombi is a real powerhouse and ideal for work in lower car parks. The small jet/vac combination unit is only 1.83 mtrs high and built on a 3.2 tons, Ford ranger 4x4 pick-up chassis. Equipped with a powerful vacuum- (325m3/hour) and high pressure pump it is ready to take on any challenge. The aluminum tank can hold 1.200 liters, divided in a 400 liter clean water- and 800 liter wastewater section.

The UrbanCombi is not a general purpose vehicle and designed for special applications as it obviously has a limited carrying capacity. In many cases, operators therefore discharge water into the sewer system or a big tanker before driving. The UrbanCombi is also very well suited for emptying grease traps as F.O.G. (fat, oil, grease) is lighter than water. But with an empty dry weight of approximately 2.800 kgs it has its restrictions.

But we have news for you! With mandatory modifications to the chassis there is now a possibility to upgrade to 3.5 tons. The modifications our Engineering & Development team made to the vehicle include technical adjustments like larger wheels, modifications to the brake pedal and addition of air- suspension to support the rear axle.

All these changes together, make it possible for you to get the Urbancombi upgraded to 3.5 tons allowing you to carry 300 KG extra. The upgrade is accepted in many countries like The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Norway but is not possible in others.

Our Norwegian distributor BN Miljo, have a second scoop. Two years ago, they were first  in Europe to sell an UrbanCombi. And now again, they were the first one to sell a 3.5 tons version of the UrbanCombi. The company Avlopsvakten in Bergen is the first customer to drive around in a 3.5 tons UrbanCombi. The new wheels  in combination with the colorful car signage make this one really stand out. If you want to find out more about the UrbanCombi and a possible upgrade, please contact your local Rioned representative or send an e-mail to [email protected].