Three months ago we have welcomed our ‘new’ sales professional for the French market, Amel Zouid. Amel is a very internationally orientated sales woman with work experience in petroleum equipment in France and Iberia.

Name: Amel Zouid

Age: 48 years

Position: Sales Manager France

After a thorough introduction with several training sessions in our Tilburg head-office in the Netherlands, Amel is now ready to promote Rioned products and services in the French market. We asked her a few questions about her professional- and personal ambitions and interests.

Amel, welcome at Rioned! Can you give an introduction about yourself?

‘’After finishing my Baccalauréat I moved to the UK where I lived for 7 years. When I returned to France I studied International Trade and started my professional career from chemical industry to paper industry, and then professional cleaning industry to petroleum equipment and now sewer industry since July 2017! And in my free time I like to swim and watch rugby-matches.’’

Why have you chosen for this job?

‘’Because for me it’s a great challenge to expand the French market for Rioned in France. I am very enthusiastic about developing sales opportunities. Serge also played a major role in me choosing for Rioned. It is important for me to have a good feeling with my manager, and to be on the same page in terms of working as a team. And the little plus is that he has a good sense of humour.’’

What are your responsibilities at Rioned?

‘’Make the business grow and gain market share in France. To do this I have to make sure that the sewer industry hears about Rioned and its products. And I will start looking for new distributors in regions that are not yet covered. They will help us improve the sales and after sales.’’

How do you like the company so far?

‘’I had a very warm welcome at Rioned and that made me feel at ease. I am always looking forward to coming to Tilburg to see everyone and share a cup of cappuccino. I am enjoying myself and am very excited about all projects that are coming up.’’

How were your first meetings with the French Rioned clients?

‘’I received a good welcoming from distributors and customers which is a good sign. I already did my first maintenance jobs together with Kees and Otto (our service engineers), delivered the first cars and gave some demonstrations. Below you will see some pictures of me meeting up with several French clients.’’

 Amel together with the team from SARP France and our distributor Assainipieces


Amel is delivering her first UrbanCombi to Renovcanalisation in a typical Dutch colour

Together with our French sales partners such as Socofren, Envirmat, Prossed, ACH, and Assainipièces, Amel will be responsible for developing the business in France. On behalf of the entire Rioned team we wish Amel all the best in her new job. In case you would like to be in contact with her, please send an e-mail to