We’re living in a fast pace world. More aware than ever of the turmoil around us; masses of fugitives heading for Europe, emission scandals at Volkswagen, unrest in the Chinese economy and the jumpy Stock markets we’re dealing with. We’re fully informed because of a constant flow of digital information. The internet as endless source that can be tapped at will, wherever and whenever we want.

Jan Pieters - CEO Rior B.V./RionedIt’s part of my job to understand how digital trends impact the sewer cleaning business. How can we prepare our organization to lead in the digital era? Understanding our customers is key to providing online experiences that support business goals. But do we fathom who our customers truly are? What are their needs?

E-commerce, social media and online marketing are more and more important. Being transparent as a business is one of the requirements to be successful in the digital age. And then we hear stories of how online reviews are constantly manipulated and bought by companies. Everyone is getting smarter, a wealth of information at our feet, you can find and copy everything, but which sources can you trust?

Rioned as trusted source

Being a trusted online source for our clients is one of Rioned’s ongoing goals. We can write tons of articles about our excellent products and services, but if it’s our company that ‘s holding a monologue, does that build trust? What do our clients have to say about us? It’s evident companies have to earn the trust they’re seeking. We are doing that by serving our customers well and by writing stories (blogs) of with our clients telling their story. Our high quality machines look sharp and come with tons of handy ‘bells and whistles’, but what matters most is the problems we solve for our clients. They want a solid product with high quality components, a machine they can rely on for years to come. The high number of older machines we still see in the field support this goal. Talking about these products from our customers perspective; showing how they work with machines we built 25+ years ago, we’re showing not telling how reliable our products are. Digital tools now enable a continuous social conversation with our clients, but it’s dedicated employees, not digital techniques that make the real difference.

Digital Agility within Rioned

Agility is the ability of a business to respond timely to (digital) changes in our market. Digital Agility is a lean technique based on insights that helps companies become more agile, innovative and responsive to change :

  • Scan and forecast: upcoming trends - possibilities and treats
  • Sense and design: Filter information and translate into useful solutions and product developments
  • Respond: Innovative possibilities and risks
  • Adapt: choose your direction be in touch with the future
Econtrol+ on new CityJet sewer cleaning jetting unit
Picture: Econtrol+ on new CityJet sewer cleaning jetting unit

A perfect example of a digital innovation within Rioned is our Econtrol+ system on high pressure jetting units. To keep track on how many companies order their new machines with the Econtrol+ we mark them in green in our delivery schedule. We can tell you the list is pretty much all green at this time! This shows proof that the Econtrol+ is a development that perfectly fits the growing need for digital insights of our customers. Soon we’ll present another innovation - an enhancement for the Econtrol+. Making it possible to share even more information, insights and potential applications. Sign-up for our newsletter for subscriber only previews of our latest innovative solutions.

If a company is unable to respond to changes in the industry timely, it’s already lagging behind. This is why we’re keeping up with the latest developments and trends. We’re staying ahead by making customer focused innovation a priority and always strive for market leadership. Being open, sharing information and continuously enhancing digital machine operation, are all part of that same goal to reach digital excellence.

Jan Pieters
CEO Rior B.V./Rioned