We all want to stay connected. Our cell phones are essential links to friends, business and the constant communication that we crave. We take them with us everywhere – including, it seems, to the bathroom! RIONED wonders how many of us use our phones into the loo … do you tweet or update your Facebook status on the toilet? A 2013 UK study found that 75 percent of Britons with mobile phones admitted to using their phone in the bathroom! And then, how many of us have actually dropped our phones into the toilet? Another study by online address-book site Plaxo, suggests that nearly 1 in 5 people accidentally drop their phones into an impromptu porcelain bath. Staying connected certainly has its hazards!

Fellow sewer cleaning companies certainly recognize the problem of dropped phones, as this Twitter conversation with @StevenRollason1 clearly shows!

Screenshot of Rioned_INTL Twitter profile 

Image: Screenshot of Rioned_INTL Twitter profile

Cell phones and their relationship with toilets is quite interesting: they both serve an indispensable service, both highly personal in their own way, and they both are connected to expansive networks – either a extensive grid of cell towers or a sprawling plumbing system of pipes and sewers beneath the streets. RIONED knows all about systems and devices that help us make it through the day. RIONED also wants you to stay connected, but you may want to avoid cell phone use in the loo. Don’t “type, send and flush!”

Incredible but true; A U.N. study shows that more people have access to cell phones than to toilets. So while we have a worldwide challenge of sanitary plumbing and working toilets, we are also in the throes of a cell phone sanitation calamity. The good news: if your cell phone does get wet – dropped in the toilet, sent through the wash or dropped in the pool – you still may be able to save it if you're fast enough!

Image by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr.com