USED: Isuzu 7.5t Jetvac

SKU: USED_0011

    • 2200psi @ 22gpm Performance

    • 3000ltr (Split 1500ltr Clean & 1500ltr Waste)

    • Kubota Diesel Engine

    • Speck P Series Triplex Plunger Pump

    • Radio Remote Control System

    • 100m 5/8” Jetting Hose

    • 5000lpm Suction Pump

    • 20mtr of 2.5” Suction Hose on Manual Reel with Direct Connection to Waste Tank

    • Hydraulic High-Pressure Hose Reel

    • Jetting Nozzles Included

    • 4-Way Camera System

    • Beacons and Lighting

    • 2456 hours worked

    £45,000.00 +VAT
    Please contact Pat on 07774 333666

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