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About Rioned

Drainage systems worldwide are under pressure. This is a consequence of climate change, but it's also due to pipework deterioration and changes in the way drainage systems are used. It is more important than ever that these systems are well maintained. Our company has been developing and making safe, durable, reliable, high-quality equipmnet for the effective maintenance of sewer systems for 65 years. That's something we are very proud of. We aim to be the best in our field in everything we do so that our customer can have absolute confidence in us. This goal, combined with a continuous focus on innovation, has helped us grow into an international company with a strong position in the global market for drain cleaning and inspection equipment.


Since its formation in 1956, Rioned has always been at the forefront of innovation. In our website you will find a host of features and functions that enhance the user-friendliness and effectiveness of your high pressure jetting machine. Every machine that leaves our factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands is rigorously tested. Our modern facility measures and registers the pressure and flow of every machine, making sure all criteria and standards are met before shipment to the customer. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on their Rioned jetting machine, day in, day out.

Our product range consist of:

Mechanical cleaning
High-pressure cleaning
Jetting/Vacuum cleaning
Inspection and detection systems

By using only the very best components and state-of-the-art technologies we can guarantee lower costs during the service life of your machine. Our machines consume less water, less fuel, have a longer life and a high trade-in value. Numerous built-in smart functions enable you to work faster and with visibly better results. A host of standard fit smart features help you to work faster and more effectively.

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65+ years of experience

Manufacturer of sewer cleaning equipment since 1 July 1956.


We are also at your service after purchase: we offer the best service in the field of maintenance and repair.


With the eCityJet, we developed the first fully electric sewer cleaning machine. Our aim is to have climate-neutral production in the foreseeable future.

Machines you can build on

Our equipment performs under all conditions, keeps your business flowing.

Market leader, worldwide

Rioned has a rock-solid position worldwide in the market for sewer cleaning and inspection equipment.

Driven by innovation

We are constantly responding to a changing world and using feedback from our customers to make our machines even better. The eCityJet and the eControlTouch are perfect examples of this.

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Rioned offers reliability

By making intelligent modifications to our machines and offering innovative solutions, we ensure that our customers can work with pleasure and without problems wherever they are in the world. Now, and in the future. Before our machines leave the factory, they are comprehensively tested in our modern test facility. And even after this final inspection, our customers can take advantage of our excellent service when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Our customers have been able to rely on our machines for 65 years. We truly live up to our slogan: Keeping your business flowing!

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Rioned offers scope for growth

Continued growth is one of our company's most important priorities. We've grown significantly over the last 65 years, from a small workshop in Jef Poos' barn to an international enterprise. We believe that expertise and a strong focus on innovation lead to the best product solutions. So, for the past 65 years, we've paid close attention to the needs and wishes of our customers. After all, they're the ones who actually work in the field, using our products day in, day out. Their requirements form the basis for all the products we develop. But the importance we attach to growth goes beyond product innovation. Our employees should be able to develop too. They are at the very heart of our company, and without them, we would not be where we are now. That's why we heavily invest in the quality of the workspace. We offer good support and training. And we provide opportunities to take part in courses and training. This gives every member of staff opportunities for development, both as a professional and as a member of the Rioned team. 

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Rioned makes you proud

What enters our factory as a collection of individual components leaves it as a range of superb high-quality machines, ready to be shipped around the world. The feeling of pride our team gain from making those machines is tremendous. And, in turn, our customers are proud to use them because we've equipped them with the best tools on the market. Of course, we don't make these superb, high-quality machines on our own. Nor do we maintain them in our own. That's why we're also proud of all our colleagues, for whom craftmanship, dynamism, innovation and expertise have been hallmarks for 65 years. Whatever their role, their effort and commitment are valued. We want everyone to know just how proud we are of the products we make. 

Jan Pieters CEO
Innovating for a sustainable future

Our sewer system is under unprecedented pressure. If we want to minimise the effects of climate change and continue to meet the essential needs of our growing society, investments in innovative cleaning equipment are necessary.

New technologies are essential to continue guaranteeing a good flow. The ‘smart sewer’ is making its appearance in many places. By installing sensors and connectivity in the sewers, we can collect real-time information. This data gives us insight into water quality, system condition and flow.

With the introduction of smart sewer cleaning machines, equipped with eControl Touch controls, Rioned is contributing to this development. The intuitive touch screen provides a user-friendly interface and allows users to monitor essential information. This ensures more efficient work and avoids unnecessary machine downtime. The display of the smart Riomote remote control gives the user information everywhere, for example Pressure, Water flow and water level in the tank. 

In line with the growing demand for emission-free and environmentally friendly solutions, Rioned is proud to introduce a new generation of electric high pressure cleaning machines. These pioneering machines are extremely efficient. They are also distinguished by their impressive battery capacity, allowing them to work for days without interim charging. The battery only needs to be recharged after the water tank has been filled 8 to 10 times. The unprecedented low noise level makes these electric high pressure cleaners ideal for use in residential areas, car parks, tunnels or factories, day or night. An additional advantage is the low running costs.

With a view to further strengthening the relationship with our valued customers, we are proud to announce that we will further expand our European network of own branches and distribution partners. This will bring us closer to you and enable us to be even more responsive to your needs. In addition, we are strongly committed to online accessibility in order to respond quickly, with your convenience and satisfaction at the centre. These expansion and improvements in our organisation are all aimed at ensuring an optimal buying experience for you.

Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to greeting you in person or online and continuing to build a successful and lasting relationship together.

Jan Pieters
CEO Rioned