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Practical tips to optimise your machine

Regular maintenance benefits the durability and reliability of your machine. Read a number of tips from our technicians below. If you have specific questions about our equipment, please contact us. Should you ever have any issues with your Rioned equipment, our repair service is always ready to respond quickly.

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Check the battery regularly

On average, a battery lasts about three to seven years. At low temperatures, the capacity of the battery decreases and the starting resistance of the engine increases, therefore making it more difficult or even impossible to start the jetting machine. Have the battery checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Switch idle machines to Euro98 fuel

E10 petrol consists of 10% bioethanol, which should be changed when the machine has been idle for a month or more to prevent damage to the carburettor. If the jetting machine is not in regular use, we advise using Euro98 fuel, which is less harmful to the machine’s components.

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Clean the nozzle spray heads

To guarantee the optimal effectiveness of your nozzles, we recommend that you keep any holes in the nozzles clear from debris. Many contractors choose to use a small drill or special pricker set to clear their nozzles, though other methods are also effective.

Ensure your nozzles rotate properly

Rotating nozzles have a 360° range and are very suitable for cleaning pipes. To ensure that your rotating nozzle continues to rotate properly, we recommend that you regularly put it in a jar of diesel or thin oil to lubricate the moving parts.

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Complete the anti-freeze procedure 

Severe winter conditions can seriously damage the pump and other important machine components. Prevent the water tank from freezing by undertaking the anti-freeze procedure. Connect the high-pressure hose to the filling hose and let the system pump the anti-freeze liquid through without pressure. If the anti-freeze runs out during work, let the machine run without pressure.

Prevent damage from saltwater 

In winter, de-icing salt is used to combat road icing. The mixture of salt and snow that remains on the road is also known as saltwater. Saltwater has a strong corrosive effect, which can be very detrimental to the bodywork of cars and trailers. Ensure that your car or trailer is properly cleaned on a daily basis to prevent rust from forming on your machine.

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Clean the water filter regularly

The water in the water tanks can be contaminated by algae, lime and cavitation. To prevent this from ending up in the high-pressure pump and hose, our jetting machines are equipped with a water filter. For optimal water filtering, it is important that the water filter is cleaned regularly. Because the water filter is equipped with a transparent filter pot, you can clearly see when it is time to clean the filter. After cleaning, apply a little grease to the screw thread, so that the filter will close easily and become more efficient.

Check inspection equipment for faults

Extend the life of your inspection camera by cleaning and checking your camera regularly. Dirt that is not removed can damage the vital components of your inspection equipment. In addition, check the connections between the camera head and the push-rod cable to identify any damage and detect problems early.

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