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Safety Features of Rioned Equipment

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Rioned eControl machine management systems provide operators with enhanced control over their equipment. Real-time readings of pressures and flows are displayed via an LED screen, while the machine

The ergonomic design of Rioned’s eControl Touch, released in 2021, allows for ease of operation, even when wearing gloves. The condition of the engine and other critical components is continuously monitored, with warnings and solutions displayed on the screen to further reduce downtime. The new eControl Touch can be started with a passcode to increase operator safety when working remotely from the jetter. Rioned’s popular RioMeter has also been installed as standard, providing highly accurate measurements of the amount of hose that has travelled along a pipe.

Rioned machine management systems are also available with RioMote 5-Channel, 7-Channel, and LED remote control handsets with the capability to display essential system information relayed directly from the eControl Touch.

FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology automatically switches to the strongest signal to provide an enhanced transmitting range in densely populated areas. When the remote control is outside of the 150m reception range, the jetting machine will automatically power off to prevent the risk of injury to users. A new ergonomic design also allows the remote to be operated safely whilst wearing protective gloves.

A key component of single-person operations, these systems allow operators better control over the jetting machine in restricted access sites and at a distance from sewer and drain openings, further reducing the risk of accidents.

E Control Touch


Ease of use has been a critical consideration in the design of Rioned’s van-pack jetters and jet vac combination units, with a wide range of features ergonomically positioned to offer increased operator safety.

All Rioned machines feature tanks, hoses and sophisticated control panels that are easily accessible for operators in all situations. Water and fuel tanks are suitably positioned for easy filling, while the emergency stop is easily recognisable and well-positioned on the front of the machine for operatives to press in case of an emergency.

E City Jet Cover


Many of Rioned’s van-pack jetting machines feature robust plastic covers to protect users from the machine’s moving or heated parts. While many customers opt for the standard blue colour, these covers can also be customised to match company colours. Machines also include shock-dampening components to reduce the risk of injury from excessive vibration and a patented exhaust cooling system to prevent a build-up of heat from the exhaust.


Rioned’s machines have been designed to minimise noise pollution when working at night and in residential areas. Van-pack jetters and combination units feature well-isolated exhausts, while the composition of the jetting machine ensures that the engine remains separate from the pump frame to minimise noise from vibration when in use.

The company also became the first worldwide to design and develop an all-electric jetting machine. Featuring an electric motor powered by six 5kWh Li-ion batteries, the eCityJet offers a near-silent operation, making it ideal for operation at night and in heavily congested areas.

City Jet Hose



Rioned supplies a wide range of lightweight high-pressure hoses for use with its high-performance drain jetting machines. Designed with a large inner diameter to optimise water flow, these hoses significantly reduce pressure loss and resistance. All hoses also include a metal ring safety device positioned 5m from the end of the jetting hose to warn operatives that the jetting nozzle is close to the pipeline entrance.


Alternatively, the blue safety leader hose is also used as a warning to operatives that the jetting nozzle is near the entry point to the drain or sewer. Available in lengths of 3m or 5m, this hose is reinforced with rubber and steel and is fitted with a ½” male coupling connecting to the main jetting hose and a female coupling for connection to the jetting nozzle.


All Rioned machines feature hose guidance that allows operators to guide the hose into the drain or wind it around the drum without the risk of body parts becoming ensnared. Fitted to the bottom of the hose reel, this mechanism offers increased freedom of movement and cleaner operations, while extending the durability of the jetting hose.


Rioned hydraulic hose reels are fitted with a hose reel locking mechanism. By activating the hose reel lock, operators can prevent further winding or unwinding of the high-pressure hose at any point in a cleaning operation. The lock also prevents the unauthorised pulling of the hose whilst in operation, and user discomfort as a result of the rapid retraction of the hose.

Hose meter


The RioMeter hose meter counter provides a highly accurate measurement of the length of jetting hose that has travelled along a pipe and can be used as an indicator of when the jetting nozzle is near the entrance of the drain or sewer.


An integral safety feature of modern high-performance jetting and suction equipment, the pressure relief valve provides protection for both personnel and machinery by regulating and controlling the maximum pressure in high-pressure water systems.

The pressure relief valve is often the only component preventing catastrophic machine failure if the water pressures in a system or vessel increase to a dangerous level. Because of this, the design of the valve is often as simple as possible; typically consisting of a valve mounted onto the pressurised system.

If the pressure in the jetting machine rises above a pre-determined setting, the valve can be used to release air and water from the system. Once the excess pressure is released and the system returns to a safe operating level, the pressure release valve will close.


Run-dry protection prevents the jetting machine from operating without any liquid or other medium present, therefore reducing the risk of damage to the machine’s bearings and shaft seal and ensuring that all components are working correctly.


Unloader Valves are used to relieve extra pressure in attachments including spray guns and lances. Before using a spray gun or lance with high-pressure jetting equipment, operators should ensure that the equipment contains an unloader valve.


All Rioned machines are equipped with an anti-freeze valve to ensure safe operation in extremely cold weather conditions. This step-by-step video demonstrates the anti-freeze process using a FlexiJet trailer jetter, but the process is similar for all Rioned machines.

Rio Com and drum Machines


All Rioned jet vac combination units are supplied with the award-winning eControl+ machine management system, with the option of adding 5-Channel, 7-Channel, or 9-Channel radio remote systems to operate the machines from a distance with ease.

The machines are also equipped with run-dry protection as standard, with the RioMeter hose metre counter, RioSpindel hose guide, anti-freeze system and remote-controlled pneumatic valve available as optional extras. To minimise the risk of injury to cyclists and pedestrians, under-run protection prevents anything from falling under the vehicle and prevents any sharp edges on the machines’ undercarriage.

To facilitate safe working at night or in poor light, the systems are also available with optional work lights, beacons, reflectors and LED warning lights.


Protective covers can be found on a wide range of Rioned jetting equipment. Smaller spring machines, such as the HandMatic feature a protective cover between the spring and drill attachment to protect users from dirt and debris, while the AllRound+ has a separate closed drum made from synthetic material to protect users from rotating parts and ensure a clean working environment.

Rioned drum machines, such as the AllRound+, have been designed with a closed drum to protect personnel and working areas from water and dirt while they are in use. These machines also feature an automatic spring feed unit to safely guide the spring from the drum into pipework.

The FlexMatic is operated by an air-activated foot switch, allowing operators to control the machine while leaving both hands free to control the spring. This lightweight spring machine also features a flexible adapter hose to allow for safe operation in restricted access and hard-to-reach areas.

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This ‘tiger tail’ protector is a cost-effective solution to extending the life of your high-pressure hose. Available in 2” or 3” diameters, simply position the RioProtect over any sharp bend and feed the jetting hose through the centre to reduce the risk of damage to the outer hose cover or exposing the reinforced wire braiding.


Placed over the entrance to a sewer or drain to minimise wear and tear to equipment, the Deflection Roller-Upper is used to carefully lower or retrieve jetting hose or camera cables from pipelines. Easily adjustable to fit different-sized openings, this small accessory is particularly practical for restricted access areas and for situations where the hose reel cannot be placed close to the entrance to the pipe.

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