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Working at Rioned

Do you have the ambition to work for a special, international and technical company? Do you like to work with enthusiastic colleagues and do you want to develop yourself further in a dynamic environment? Working at Rioned offers you unique opportunities. Rioned is a company at the forefront of sewer cleaning equipment. A company with a close-knit team of professional employees who together make a cool end product and where security, growth and pride are important core values. View our vacancies below and apply directly.

84 countries

More than 84 countries around the world use Rioned equipment.

125 employees worldwide

At Rioned you have 125 colleagues spread over the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

65+ years of experience

For more than 65 years, Rioned has ensured that sewers and drains worldwide function optimally again.

103 million

Our machines have unblocked more than 103,258,893 toilets worldwide.


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  • Fulltime
  • Deelmontage en assemblage
  • Tilburg

Monteur deelmontage en assemblage (NL)

Je stelt onderdelen samen waardoor je collega’s de rioolreinigingsmachines kunnen bouwen. Je gebruikt je kennis van verbindingstechnieken en je montage-ervaring om deze onderdelen te maken. Je bouwt op basis van tekeningen, onderdelen en uiteraard interne opleidingen en weet je zo verder te ontwikkelen tot assembler deelmontage.

Personnel CTA
  • Fulltime
  • Marketing & communicatie
  • Tilburg

Content Marketeer (NL)

Als enthousiaste communicatie specialist werk je mee aan de verdere internationale groei van Rioned. Je zorgt ervoor dat onze klanten en relaties in binnen- en buitenland via onze socials op de hoogte zijn van alle relevante ontwikkelingen in ons bedrijf, schrijft blogs en bent ook offline verantwoordelijk voor interne- en externe communicatie activiteiten.

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  • Fulltime
  • Service
  • België

Technieker Onderhoud / Allround Servicemonteur Midden en Zuid België (BE)

In deze functie los je storingen op aan de machines, verzorg je het reguliere onderhoud en reviseer je gebruikte machines op de locatie van de klant. Je kennis van de machines en je persoonlijkheid om steeds te zoeken naar technisch goede oplossingen zorgen voor goede kwaliteit en klanttevredenheid.

Rioned mobile servicing
  • Fulltime
  • Engineering and manufacture
  • Various UK locations

Mobile service technician (UK)

As a Mobile Service Technician you will be representing the organisation on the front line every day. Your imagination, your attitude, your professionalism and the quality of your work will be a true reflection of the company.

Stage lopen bij Rioned (NL)

Je kunt niet vroeg genoeg beginnen met het ontwikkelen van je talenten. Wil je dat bij ons doen en tegelijkertijd een bijdrage leveren aan onze productontwikkeling of dienstverlening? Kom dan stage lopen bij Rioned!

Open sollicitatie (NL)

Zelfs als we momenteel geen vacatures hebben, horen wij toch graag van je. Stuur je CV en wij zullen met plezier en aandacht kijken of we een passende functie voor je beschikbaar hebben.

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Application procedure

When you decide to apply for a job at Rioned, we think it is important that you know where you stand. That is why we have listed the steps of the application process for you.

Step 1 - Apply

You apply by sending an email to  or by filling in the contact form on the vacancy page. Immediately after receipt you will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

Step 2 - We review your application

Based on your CV and motivation, we will check whether your profile matches the vacancy to which you have applied. We will let you know as soon as possible if we want to invite you for a closer acquaintance. The confirmation email states within which period you can expect a response.

Step 3 - You come for an interview

If we would like to get to know you, we will invite you for an introductory meeting. During this conversation we would like to get to know you better and we will discuss your motivation, wishes and ambitions. In addition, this is of course also the chance for you to get acquainted with Rioned. We are happy to tell you more about our organization. If this conversation is positive from both sides, you will be invited for a second conversation or a follow-up session.

Step 4 - Walk-in Session

Depending on the content of the position, we will invite you for a second interview or a follow-up session.

Step 5 - We determine your terms of employment

Is there a match? Then we will coordinate the terms of employment package with you. Depending on the position and the situation, this can be by telephone, e-mail or in a personal meeting. When we agree together, both parties sign the document and from then on it is official. Welcome to the Rioned club!

Step 6 - Welcome! 

We would like to welcome you on your first working day and start with an onboarding process of approximately three months to familiarize you with our organization.

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Rioned offers security

Worldwide, Rioned has a strong position in the market for sewer cleaning and inspection equipment. This year we celebrate our 65th anniversary. And all the while we design and manufacture innovative machines and products for maintenance and inspection of small to medium-sized sewage systems. We are a premium brand, think in solutions and maintain high standards. We want to be the very best under all circumstances. We never make concessions to that. That is why we invest a lot in our people and in the relationship with our customers. Does that appeal to you? Are you also someone for whom quality, safety, sustainability and reliability are paramount? Do you feel at home in an environment where expertise and a strong focus on innovation are leading in developing the best products and applications? Where listening carefully to the customer's wishes is the basis for the development of new and improved types of machines? Rioned is a major player in the sewer cleaning equipment market and also a financially stable company where you can find all this. Rioned offers you security, every day.

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IC Personnel

Rioned makes you grow

Rioned invests a lot in the quality of you as an employee. You are the pivot around which our company revolves. We guide and train you well and offer you plenty of opportunities to follow courses and training. Our clear organizational structure and well-established knowledge offer you important tools for carrying out the work. With us you will find everything you need to develop. We offer you every opportunity to grow personally as a professional and together as a member of the Rioned team. We think that is important for you and for our company. In this way we can all grow with the state of the art, with the demands of our customers and achieve our objectives together. But in addition to time and facilities to further develop yourself as a professional, we also think attention to each other as people is important. We take each other into account, provide relaxation and do team building. Because feeling good and belonging also gives you room to grow.

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Rioned makes you proud

What enters our factory as a lot of individual components leaves as beautiful machines that find their way around the world. It's great and it's a proud feeling to make those machines. But you don't make cool and high-quality machines alone. And you don't just maintain them either. This requires a well-organized and professional organization. Where craftsmanship, dynamism, knowledge and innovation are the norm. Your contribution and involvement are important, wherever your task lies. With your commitment and expertise you contribute to the development, production and maintenance of beautiful, reliable and cool products. You also work closely with other departments and disciplines. In this way, you and your colleagues ensure that our customers can offer their services optimally, without hitches. And that also makes you proud.

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Is working at Rioned something for you?

Rioned is part of the American Heico, a large international holding company that includes many companies. Within the holding company, Rioned works completely independently. We have our own production facility and head office in Tilburg. In addition, we are represented in Belgium, England, Germany and France with sales offices and we work worldwide with an enormous network of distributors. Our company has been growing strongly for many years. Over the past decades, we have grown from a 'small family business' in sewer cleaning and inspection equipment into an important player on the global market. Our product range includes spring machines, high-pressure cleaning machines, combination units, inspection and detection systems, parts and accessories. Our customers and relations experience us as a pleasant and reliable cooperation partner. We are always looking for improvement and go for quality. It's in our blood. Do you think working at Rioned is something for you? We value your craftsmanship and development and reward your efforts and achievements with:

  • A salary and employment conditions in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement Metal & Technology
  • 38 days off per year with full-time employment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Training and development facilities
  • Regular well-groomed staff parties
  • A good company atmosphere and nice colleagues

Rioned is an informal organization where people work hard, but there is also time for a joke. And you get a lot of freedom to apply your ideas and improvements where possible.

The 12-week onboarding program made me quickly feel at home in the organization. It gave me structure to get to know the organization and colleagues well. And I absolutely appreciate taking the time to introduce me to all disciplines, to the customers and to the products. It is an informal organization where people work hard, but there is certainly time for a joke and a joke. And you get a lot of freedom to apply your ideas and improvements where possible.

Paul Mallens Account manager Inside Sales
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