Posted on 18 Jun 2020 07:00:00

The RioCom is now a common sight in the UK’s inner cities. Its compact dimensions, versatility and powerful suction and jetting pumps have made this 7.5t sewer-cleaning combination unit an absolute success with large and small drainage contractors. In the UK, this category of tanker is often referred to as a "single resolution vehicle"; in that it is able to complete both suction and jetting tasks in a single visit. With a tank capacity of 3,000 liters, the RioCom can be used for a wide variety of sewer jobs.

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Posted on 29 Apr 2020 10:55:54

The COVID-19 pandemic has a massive impact—also on the global environmental technology industry. Messe München conducted a survey among the IFAT exhibitors, revealing that most respondents are against holding IFAT from September 7 to 11, 2020. Hence, IFAT at the planned time would be unacceptable—not only for Messe München but also for the trade fair participants.

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Posted on 22 Apr 2020 15:19:39
Scottish Water’s Highland region recently took delivery of four new 7.5t RioCom jet vac combination units to operate as part of its Sewer Response Team fleet. The new vehicles will be used to undertake work in a single visit, where previously a jetting van and a vactor would have been required. Three of the units will serve remote areas of the Highlands while the other will be based in Orkney.Continue reading »
Posted on 20 Apr 2020 00:11:00
Like any piece of equipment, the maintenance of your Rioned camera system will help to prolong the life of it. We’d like to help, so we have compiled this checklist of key maintenance points to be aware of when using and transporting your Rioned camera system to help keep it working by your side for as long as possible.Continue reading »
Posted on 9 Apr 2020 13:02:20
Now more than ever our health is of the greatest importance. For all of us, social distancing is the best way to remain safe while continuing to communicate. Sewer maintenance is essential to maintain public health. In this video, Jan Pieters, CEO at Rioned gives an update regarding the current situation. We still truly live up to our slogan: 'Keeping your business flowing'.Continue reading »
Posted on 31 Mar 2020 10:55:15

In November 2019, Graeme and Avril Stevenson celebrated their 25th anniversary as franchisees of Metro Rod. During that time they have built an unrivalled reputation across the Manchester South and Central franchise regions, and one piece of kit that has been with them for the journey is a Rioned jet vac combination tanker.

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