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We keep your business flowing

Since the foundation of our company in 1956, innovation has been a top priority. On our website, you will find many Rioned innovations that increase the ease of use and efficiency of your machine. Every machine that leaves our factory in Tilburg is subjected to a strict final inspection. Our modern test station measures and records the pressure and water output of our machines, and only when all requirements are met is the machine ready for use. Thousands of companies around the world rely on their Rioned equipment day in, day out.

Our world-leading jetting equipment can be split into four product categories:

By using only the best components and the most modern techniques, we guarantee you lower costs during your equipment's lifetime. Our machines use less water and fuel, have a longer lifespan and have a high resale value. With many built-in smart functions, with Rioned, you work faster and with visibly better results.

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65+ years of industry expertise

Rioned was established on July 1, 1956, and has over 65 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of sewer cleaning equipment.


We provide a comprehensive after-sales service, offering the highest quality maintenance and repairs to our customers.


With the eCityJet, we developed the first fully-electric sewer cleaning machine. Our aim is to become climate neutral in the near future and help our customers meet carbon-zero targets.

Machines you can rely on

Our equipment is well-known throughout the industry for its reliability and longevity, performing under all circumstances to keep your business flowing.

Market leader, worldwide

Rioned is a global market leader in the field of sewer cleaning and inspection equipment, with our equipment in operation across the world.

Driven by innovation

We continuously respond to a changing world and use feedback from our customers to develop world-leading equipment that pushes the boundaries of the industry.