Camera systems and drain detection devices

Rioned inspection and detection machines make your work easy, providing clear reports and razor-sharp images. Our cameras and detection machines are reliable, service-friendly and simple to use, helping you to detect, locate and inspect any problem in the sewer or drain quickly.

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CompactCam XL

Robust camera systems for every drainage task

  • Self-levelling camera heads
  • 512 Hz location sonde
  • Compact, lightweight and easily transportable
  • Powered by rechargeable li-ion batteries

Using Rioned camera systems you can easily detect a problem in almost any drain. Choose from a small camera for inspection in the bathroom or kitchen, or a larger camera system for mains drains and sewers around houses and commercial premises. The systems are designed to easily navigate all types of drainage systems, providing high-quality pictures and video displayed on large format LCD screens and uploadable via wi-fi or built-in memory cards. Each camera system is suitable for a specific diameter range, with a range of functions, options and camera heads available for each model.

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We are very satisfied with the results we have achieved with the Rioned MaxCam and FlexCam. The reporting software works very well. In addition, the self-levelling camera head and razor-sharp image quality make work much easier.

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Kanalis has more than 40 years of experience in unblocking and cleaning pipes, emptying septic tanks and performing camera inspections in Brussels and the surrounding area. Vincent from Kanalis shares their experience with Rioned’s inspection and detection systems: 

“We have been doing business with Rioned for years and carry out camera inspections on a daily basis. In addition to a high-pressure sewer cleaning machine and spring machines, all our vehicles are also equipped with a camera system. This allows us to check after a blockage has been cleared whether it is really gone and whether the pipe is clean.”

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Rio Track
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Pipe and leak detection devices

  • Bluetooth location mapping
  • Accurate detection of radio and power cables
  • Precise depth measurement
  • Easy-to-use controls

We provide a variety of different pipe and cable detectors that are suitable for a wide range of applications. The RioTrack Pro 2 is an intelligent detection device with multiple functions that effortlessly detects 512 Hz and 33 kHz transmitters, along with power and radio cables. The RioSteam is a portable flue gas device that faultlessly finds leaks. The machine creates a non-toxic smoke or vapour that allows the quick visual location of cracks in pipes and leaks, even when deep underground.

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Inspection & detection case studies